Staying Frosty

Stay Frosty "Anarchy" Wallpaper
Kinda Sums It Up

Two years, ten months and eleven days ago a small collection of numb-skulls challenged the status-quo, throwing logic and common sense to the wind, and decided to form a Corporation that everyone else said was doomed to surely fail. That time period remains the most heavily visited in this humble blogs entire history. The month that Stay Frosty formed, Eveoganda received well over 150,000 unique visitors. We got started with a bang, to say the least.

In the years since we've had over a thousand pilots cross our open recruitment threshold. Some have stayed forever, some stay for awhile, some try it and move on and a few never quite "get it". We've had spys, Corp thieves, players with agendas, players with axes to grind, and a few rotten apples that wanted to bring us down. They all failed. Every day since day one Stay Frosty has enjoyed an Open Door Recruitment Policy, you put an app in and you get accepted. No API keys. No questions. We strongly believe in a sink or swim philosophy that essentially boils down to, come in and see what you think. No grudges. No judgement. We make no apologies for being who and what we are. You either dig that sort of thing or you don't.

And mostly players seem to dig it. We have maintained a healthy roster of active and semi-active players for almost three full years. Every so often we purge a percentage of our roster and you can't even tell it happens, because it gets filled back up again so quickly. Old blood is being constantly refreshed with new blood. It is a system that I imagined would work extremely well when I set it up. But to be honest, I'm just as surprised as anyone at just how well it works. Pleasantly surprised.

I'm sure I'll be writing more about Stay Frosty and the Alliance that sprang up around it here as we approach our third anniversary. Today I just wanted to express my personal thanks to all of those players that have joined our merry band of misfits over the years, the good, the bad and the ugly. None of this would have worked without you. And to those 230 or so players that remain in Stay Frosty today, thank you for choosing to play with us. You are the ones that breath life into our Corporation each and every day. We'd be nothing but a bunch of words without you.

Every corner of New Eden today has a Stay Frosty pilot. A current blood hungry nut bag waiting to strike from out of the darkness in Low Sec, or Null, or somewhere you don't expect. Or a former member who has moved on but still retains a kernel of that spirit to this very day. We've made a lot of friends and very few enemies since we started. To all of you, thank you as well.

I can't wait to see where the next two years, ten months and eleven days take us.




  1. Stay Frosty till i die!! Well atleast 10 years more :)

    1. Until Eve dies! I always prefer that statement over mentions of our own mortality.