To War Then

I saw this bit of propaganda this morning and thought I'd share. Yes, that is my Alliance's logo down there second from the end. A Band Apart is currently engaged with Allied forces somewhere out in Null doing something or other. Of course it is all OpSec and I won't talk in detail about it until much, much later. This is all happening at the worst possible moment for me in RL, so my involvement while I pack and sell one house, while try to buy and move into another house before the end of April, is gonna be limited. Which is a bummer. But what can you do?

What I do know is this entire "Allies" thing is nothing but a pain in the ass. As you know Stay Frosty and ABA are not in the habit of having any blues, much less setting half of known space blue. All of which is going to cause problems across the board for the next few weeks, especially in Low Sec. Nothing serious and nothing that won't get worked out one way or the other. Especially given the brotherhood that exists between Allied forces! 

We already got a HUGE shoutout over on EN24, which proclaimed, "Not much is known about this Alliance."  Which is just awesome by the way. Flying under the radar is so me, isn't it? 

And yesterday the best thing in a very long time happened. I got a convo request from someone in Shadow Cartel. I won't mention any names, cause I'm a nice guy and all, but I will share with you the rather short exchange that followed. Please keep in mind that I do not know this person, this convo is out of the blue and his Show Info has no titles or roles attached to it, so it could be anyone.

SC Dude > hi
SC Dude > i can see your fleet advert
Rixx Javix > we all blue to each other now
SC Dude > lmao what
SC Dude > why are you blue
SC Dude > you're nothing to do with this
Rixx Javix > we are running with Allies
SC Dude > who
Rixx Javix > im not at liberty
SC Dude > then you don't get blue
Rixx Javix > yes we do
Rixx Javix > speak to my Diplomats
SC Dude > your diplomats for what
Rixx Javix > dude my guys are in null right now fighting for allies
SC Dude > what allies
Rixx Javix > who the fuck are you to ask me that?
SC Dude > ok well i'll make this nice as simple
SC Dude > you're a piece of shit
Rixx Javix > fuck you
SC Dude > shdwc will not be setting your alliance blue
SC Dude > fyi
SC Dude > fs o7
Rixx Javix > whatever

So yeah. Everything is coming up roses.

This should be an extremely interesting month or so.


  1. I think we can safely assume that if the Allies win we won't be setting up a new 40k person coalition.

  2. It is exchanges like this that make me realize that any coalition is doomed to fail even if it had the ISK and pilots (which I doubt on both counts) to actually hurt the RMT cartel.

    The coalition will fall apart because of personal animosities long before serious damage can be done. And that is just sad.

    1. Possibly. Anything is possible. But putting an ad hoc coalition together on the fly, without central command structure, is also insane. And yet, that is happening. So who knows?

  3. The day is coming when Sion regrets "charlatan".

    1. If it was anyone else making that comment I'd say, "You have no idea how close to the truth you are", but maybe you do know. Not everything that happens in Eve is visible. :)

    2. Why would he regret it? It was a spot on description as far as can be seen.

  4. We'll be joining you shortly, mate! Don't want to miss the barbecue!

    1. Oh please, please, please!

      With Rixx, Ripard, Tal, Jakob, and so many others all united, it'll be the revenge of the bloggers!

  5. LOL!

    We are in his coalition, joining his fleets.

    Regarding the lack of ISK - we should totally do a Kickstarter! 150K would buy a lot of PLEX.

  6. Still think best about all this is the fact Goons pissed people off enough people to make bitter enemies work together on a common goal. All the assholes in Eve and they can claim the title King Chocolate Starfish.

  7. Exactly. With Goons the following phrase has a lot of power and probably will for some time: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. No one likes an arrogant prick.

  8. Why are you such a piece of shit Rixx, geez! ;p

    1. I dunno. Last month I was a "try hard", I can't keep myself straight at all!


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