Concord Historical Society

Courtesy of the CHS

I was flipping thru Concord's Archival photo library the other day and came across this old historical photograph from the olden days. A long time ago in New Eden there was this group of people that called themselves the Imperium. They didn't last long and from the looks of it their last days were kinda rough. That fella in the front was called Mittens, cause of his tiny little hands. We believe he may have been the fella in charge of a portion of the Imperium called Goons, but little evidence survives to the present day. That large fella in the back is Scion. Originally he was named Sion, but the "C" was added at some point to represent "Charlatan" or "Community", we can't be sure which. The other gentleman is a mystery, but we think he was probably a spy.

History is fun.


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