Help Build Creator Studio

My good friend t'amber needs our help. For the past three years Project Jeremy has been the backbone of thousands and thousands of Eve related art, banners, wallpapers and videos across the entire community. If you are un-familiar with this amazing tool, it is a browser based 3d rendering tool that you can use to create spaceships from Eve. Custom painting, full rotation, lighting, etc. I personally use it all the time! And I know many others do as well.

T'amber has big plans for Jeremy, which is now going to be called Creator Studio, and with the support of Eve_NT looks to build an even more amazing tool-set going forward. Including ANIMATION!!!! Imagine a browser based full 3d animation solution for Eve! If that doesn't get you excited about the possibilities for Eve video productions and opportunities, then I don't know what would. Aging, custom skins, the list of tools is incredible. And with the support of CCP, Eve_NT and me yelling at him every day, I know he can make it happen.

But he needs our help. Like most of us, he isn't a trust-fund baby or independently wealthy, and Creator Studio is going to not only require hardware, but a serious time-commitment to realize. So please take a moment, dig deep, and consider supporting this important project.

I did already. And we all know I'm borderline homeless.

More about Creator Studio HERE.

UPDATED: Here is the new working contributions page!

Calling you Eve community. Let's come together and help make this happen. Thanks.