That's How We Know You F**ked Up!

NSFW (most likely) It has the F Word in it, a lot.

Not only is this yet another great parody song from the immensely talented Sindel Pellion, which it is and you should listen and share it a gazillion times, it is also a great story about determination. I've known Sindel for a long time and we've worked together on projects (like "Eve: Dumb Ways to Die") and I've always tried to support her community projects (like The Angel Project), because she is a good egg and, well, that's what we do out here in the non-existent community. So it was no surprise back in December of last year when she told me she wanted to do another parody song coming off of the "community" and "charlatan" bruhaha following the KS failure.

I want to be clear. I'm not taking any credit for anything here, this is all her. But I do try to be a sounding board, not only for Sindel, but for anyone that wants a sounding board. I enjoy helping people. We discussed several potential ideas and eventually she landed on this song, which frankly was the perfect song. In another stroke of pure genius she wanted as many members of the community to participate as possible. I've written my fair share of songs and jingles over the years, but I have no illusions as to my own singing ability. (Despite what happens when I'm alone in my car!) But I was happy to contribute and I recorded my part back in mid-December.

As great as the song would have been back in December, it is that much better now. Who knew things would turn out the way they did? (>cough<) What I'm getting at, and what I want to give full credit to, is not giving up. I don't know the full story, but I do know she had challenges along the way. Like losing a ton of work on this at least once, if not more than once. And, like a lot of us, real life challenges along the way. And she stuck with it and never gave up.  And that is a testament to her tenacity and her genius. And something I believe is worthy of a shout-out.

A lot of talented people make Eve parody songs, and they are all fun and many of them are brilliant. I enjoy them all. But Sindel's always manage to rise above simply because of that tenacity and dedication.

So thanks Sindel. You are one-of-a-kind. And our community, which is a real, tangible, and powerful thing, is lucky to have you around.

Thanks for saving my "doot doots" :)

For more, Sindel has her own post up about the song now.

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