The Exact Moment

This is the exact moment when it became about more than a game. When it became impossible for anyone to defend, or excuse, or apologize. When a line had been crossed that couldn't be un-crossed. This is the exact moment. There is no confusion about this. This person was the Chairman of the CSM at the time. Those in attendance were witnessing a train wreck and the exposure of what, up until that exact moment, had only been conjecture. A nerve was exposed. A glimpse at the true nature of a person that had been fortunate and lucky enough to be responsible for a large percentage of dedicated players.

Any remaining apologists out there need to reconcile this moment in their minds. I cannot. I will not.

The litany of moments since then is a long one. And depending on your perspective the contents of the list will vary. But whatever your perspective it all comes down to this exact moment. And only you can decide what it means for you. I decided. And I have not regretted that decision a single day since that day. Have you?


  1. Well, we won after all. He is defeated and will never get up. His "friends" are abandoning him since such shit has no friends just temporary associates. His "people" are cursing him for their defeat despite they volunteerly followed him. He leaves EVE in infamy and despise.

    Divine justice!

    1. But it's not "divine" justice. It's the reaction of a community rejecting an egregious member of that community. It is, put simply, the logical conclusion to the story. Society works, and self-polices itself. It may take time, but it works.

      The curtain has been pulled back, and we must pay attention.

    2. This feels like a giant cheap shot that everyone likes to bring up when they feel like goons are losing and arent crying on reddit like they want them to.

      It was a mistake, it's in the past. There was an apology. Let's forgive, forget it and move on.

    3. It is not a cheap shot. Did it happen? Is that him saying those things in front of a crowd at Fanfest while he was Chairman of the CSM? Or is that someone else? I think its him. Has he learnt his lesson and moved on to become a stand-up guy? Nope. He hasn't. The stoopid continues, in fact the list is rather long. So I'd be willing to say, no lessons learned here. So that makes it worth bringing back up every so often so new people get a chance to know exactly why some of us, the ones who care about Eve, say the things we do.

      This is why.

  2. The great clown reached down into the closing Jaws of another CSM Victory to snatch out the Uvula of Defeat.

    The real insidious point which no-one ever picked up was - The Mittani never bothered to report to CCP that a player was considering suicide. So in the time between the communication, making hats plus slides and presenting at fanfest; a fellow human being could taken his life.

    Then listen to a recent interview at Crossing Zebras. The contempt when Zander raises this matter is obvious. And the back-handed "it was a misunderstood bad joke".

  3. I read the video commentary at the start, and then stopped the video. I was bullied at a younger age and cannot and will not tolerate bullies! The old saying of " give a man enough rope and he'll hang himself" has been proven here I think, and as such that person involved in all this, should take responsibility for his actions and make amends for what he has done.The fact that he dismisses it as a "bad joke" is even more insult to the player/players that have been insulted over time.

    If I was in the CSM and this guy was still chairman, I'd have called for a vote of no confidence.

  4. He looks and sounds like Kylo Ren. Am I the only one who thinks this?

  5. So did he kill himself lol?