Happy Holidays

It has become my tradition around here to make an annual "holiday" themed Wallpaper to share with my readers and the community. This year the video I did with Sindel is going to have to suffice. Frankly, with another court date looming three days after Christmas the spirit is not with me this year. That's a tough one. Get excited for Christmas with family all while knowing that you could very well be incarcerated shortly afterwards. That challenges even my own legendary optimism. Sigh.

However, we shall not be defeated. And so I honestly and sincerely wish all of you reading this a happy holiday. And, from the bottom of my Pirate heart I hope for a better New Year for all of us. No matter where, or how, or when you celebrate I can only hope that you enjoy your time with family and friends. My best to you and yours.

Happy Holidays.