How to Make an Eve Music Video in One Day! (Without doing drugs)

By now you have all viewed the incredible awesomeness of the brand spanking NEW Holiday Parody Music Video from myself and the ever-talented golden throated Sindel. In slightly less than 24hrs I transformed the music file Sindel sent me into an animated video tour-de-force of Eve and former Eveoganda video references that only the true videophile would understand. So I thought I'd take a moment and do one of those trailer breakdown things that are so popular on the internets on my own video.

Scene 1
The opening sequence is a homage to the little known Icelandic house-band known as Permaband. In their latest music video called "Warp to the Dance Floor" members of the band fly on screen in a cardboard spaceship. I managed to re-create this scene with zero special effects budget by doing what I always do - RE-USING THINGS! (A tip to any aspiring artists out there, never throw anything away)  The asteroids in this scene are previously illustrated rocks I did for this mural for an art contest CCP held, and which I eventually won with another piece. The Santa used in this section is also from a project I did for a client about nine years ago and he pops up in things every so often. Luckily I had already created FUNKO POP versions of Sindel and Rixx months ago for another Sindel project that never happened (cough cough). Background is a CCP nebula wallpaper and the snow is FREE greenscreen snow from YouTube (used in the entire project).

EASTER EGG: In the two opening scenes Sindel's shirt has the Angel Project logo on it.

I stole the Friendship right from a screen-cap of the Permaband video and painted Guard right out of it. To make things easy I just cut the image into two pieces, the front part and the back part. Rixx and Sindel are just placed in-between the two layers. Presto.

Luckily Sindel was able to provide me with a music free version of the audio track so I could use an incredible piece of software called Auto Lip-Sync to animate her mouth to the track. That entire process took fifteen minutes. That was lucky, it can sometimes take much, much longer to make it work. Or to perfect it. Originally I just had Sindel in this scene, but it felt weird not seeing Rixx. So I snuck him in there. Which is also weird.

And Sindel blinks! I wanted to also animate her character dancing. But this is where decisions about time have to be made. In the end I decided that lip-sync/blinking was more important than dancing. Dancing adds additional elements that need to be drawn, animated, and performed. Which translates into about 2-3 more days of work.

You might not recognize this room, since no one ever watched the video, but it is the set from the Rixx Gate-to-Gate TV Show!  (Which I highly recommend since I made it. Please watch it.) Never throw anything away kids. The Christmas tree animation is also a FREE YouTube greenscreen thingie. It is amazing what is available out there.

Hey aren't those the Dancing Pods from the last Sindel/Rixx Jam "Eve Dumb Ways to Die"?!? Why yes, yes they are. The Rixx Cinematic Universe (RCU) is a large place so try to keep up here. The background is also from another RCU entry, the "Why I Play Eve Poem" video. I had to re-create the matte for the foreground bannisters because the previous one wasn't big enough, but that took like two minutes.

Every project is a balancing act between ambition and reality. I originally wanted an entire Rixx band, a sax player, bass player, drummer, and piano. Like the Tonight Show band version of Rixx playing all the instruments. But, y'know, time. So all you get is lone Rixx playing the Saxophone.

Funny story. For a second there I drew Rixx playing a Trumpet. I dunno why.

In our last video, the super popular Dumb Ways to Die parody loved by millions, the final message was Fly Safe. I wanted to create a way to bring that back into this video. And that is where FREE greenscreen YouTube Santa came into the picture. Plus Santa needed to come back from the opening. It is a Holiday song!

Hey you made it this far, so have a FREE Wallpaper!

Happy Holidays Wallpaper
Click to download various sizes

So that is my story and I'm sticking to it. I hope you enjoyed the video and have a spare 60k US dollars you can donate to my Patreon! (You can do so here!) If not, a buck at a time also works.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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