My Official CSM Ballet

Every year I write an official Eveoganda blog post in regards to the CSM election and generally speaking every candidate I endorse tends to get elected. I'm not bragging, but it usually works out that way. Except last year, I really wanted Joffy to get a seat on the CSM and I failed him. That took some steam out of me frankly.

So this year I wasn't going to bother. I typically have conversations with new CSM candidates in private and I haven't done that this year at all. But, like always, I know almost everyone that is running. So I feel very strongly that the above ballet is solid, representative of a wide range of Eve play-styles, attitudes, experience, and approaches. That is a solid bunch and I have no hesitation in throwing my opinion out there publicly behind each of the choices.

Vote for who you want. But in a community where not everyone actually gets a chance to know people, I think I can offer a bit of an honest perspective that others are not always able to. I don't represent any power bloc, I represent the entire game. Certainly I always strive to see Low Sec properly represented every year, goodness knows we need some love from both the Pirate and FW side of things. But generally I tend towards balance when choosing a CSM.

So there you have it. Hopefully we'll get yet another great year of CSM representation from the group that gets elected. They have a high bar to strive towards, last year was probably the best CSM we've ever had.

Keep the courage and be sure to cast your vote HERE.

PS: There are many good candidates that did not make the final 10. I wish I could include everyone, but there are only 10 slots available.