In the Wake of the Red Wedding

It feels like it doesn't it?

So many good people, some friends to varying degrees, or people I've shared drinks with or laughed together with at Nora's, or bumped into in the hallways, or who have helped me personally or my Alliance, or gotten me access to a server at the last minute, or made me laugh on Twitter, or whose photos I enjoy on Instagram, or who I helped once with a Team Logo, or who answered that late night DM, or actually responded to an email... frankly I don't know what the real definition of friend is anymore and I don't give a rats ass. These were friends.

99% of percent of them I will miss. And I wish them the very best in what life holds for them. You'll land on your feet somewhere and soon this horror will be a distant memory. That I know. I'll say this again for the record, if any of you needs anything from me let me know. I write a damn good letter of recommendation and I can pop a very nice testimonial over on LinkedIn to make your page look a tiny bit better. If we are not already connected on LinkedIn you can find me easily, I'm the Bryan Ward with the huge picture of Iceland in the header and the Eve Lanyard around my neck in Harpa profile pic. 'Cause y'know, I'm proud to be an Eve player.

Some of you may have noticed that I only said 99%. My readers are very smart cookies.

A story for another day perhaps.

Keep the courage.


  1. Not sure what I'm missing, did something major happen? I still read your blog now and again to keep up with some eve stuff, sometimes I think about returning once again and putting some serious effort in like my initial start in EVE but just so busy with work shit.

    Are you playing again? I miss more older like eve pirate stories

    1. CCP dropped VR yesterday and closed Atlanta and Newcastle offices, laying off 100 or so in the process

  2. Way too many folks I knew, had had drinks with or laughed with are gone now. Oh there are still friendly faces at CCP but . . . I feel a loss.



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