After Hours with Rixx Javix

New episode of After Hours featuring my special guest and A Band Apart Team Captain Jose Zampano.



  1. In case you didn't hear, I was talking to you both while listening to the podcast :)

    1. Oh I can only wonder now about what you were saying!

    2. The podcast seemed so familiar, so in-close, that I felt that it wasn't an interview taking place while I was playing eve, but rather two guys just chatting on comms.

      I did find myself speaking out loud to interject, or to comment, or to let loose a snarky comment. My sons, on the other side of the room (one playing eve), kept having to tell me "Dad, Rixx can't hear you, remember?" They still bug me about my talking to the TV when the hockey is one.

      But, I KNOW the players can hear me, and I KNOW that it helps my team.