Streamfleet Invitational Tournament

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Middle of last week I see a Tweet from Jin'Taan saying the upcoming Streamfleet Invitational Tournament is two teams short. I hop on our Discord and start asking if anyone would be interested in us putting a team together and the whirlwind starts. We're several weeks late and it will take a herculean effort to not only put a team together, but to organize 10 completely different compositions according to the Tournament rules.

So we did it anyway.

Crazy Pirates. Not only did we manage to hobble together enough pilots but we've also managed to make huge strides in not only putting together some compositions, but good ones. Not perfect obviously, but given how short our time has been - they ain't bad. And they will only get better. We managed to have two complete practice sessions this weekend and those went extremely well. We managed to hold our own. We even got hot-dropped on Saturday. Who hot-drops on the test server?

I like the way this Tournament is set up, it should make for a very interesting set of matches. We need five compositions for each day and we can't use the same ships twice, in addition each slot in the comp is pre-defined. So T1 Cruisers in slot one, Assault Frigates in slot five and so on. Those are just examples, I don't have the rules in front of me as I write this. But you get the idea. And, most significantly, no Logistics.

It's funny how much of our Alliance Tournament planning centers around Logistics. From planning comps, to bans, to actual tactical operations during matches - so much of what you do in the AT is determined by Logistics. It's only natural, but not having to worry about that creates an interesting dynamic that I think will result in some extremely interesting matches. Pure PvP. Face punching glorious PvP.

So mark your calendars and be there on April 20 & 27th at 20:00 UTC. And root for Stay Frosty!

We need all the help we can get.