First Capital Loss

Brutix Line
Stay Frosty and ABA Brutix gang being chased by a Nestor!

Saying you are going to start writing and actually doing it are two different things. But here I am. Writing in the blog is a habit, and like any habit, you can get out of it. Other things take your attention. Like forming up a rapid response fleet yesterday to take care of some local business. It was last minute but we had a solid turnout and managed to accomplish our goals despite losing two Capital ships. One of them mine.

As you may remember I have recently started the long slow process of training for Capital ships. At over 200 million skill points there is not much else that Rixx needs to train. So my first Capital on Rixx (My alt has flown an Archon for over six years) was the Moros. Now I have never flown Capital ships before. So I don't know how they work. This was evident from the beginning when I thought I'd have to package the darn thing for transport. I was quickly educated by my fellow Corp mates about how these ships can jump themselves. So I learned things.

I also had no idea just how long it'd take to train the various skills needed not only to fly the darn thing, but to operate the guns, the rep, the triage module, etc.  Oh yes, the triage module. We shall come back to that one shortly.

So ABA is on a crusade to clean up our local neighborhood a bit, flex the elbows, and just generally cause trouble. One part of that effort started this weekend with the removal of a few POCOs. Which is why we brought the Brutix gang. I picked the Brutix doctrine simply because we had a bunch laying around from another OP and I still have my AT Astarte to give links. As usual however, not everyone in Stay Frosty listens and Watson brought his Nag along. Now it was great having it because it made the job go so much faster. But you just know that someone is watching. It is Low Sec after all.

After a few bashes went into reinforcement I had the brilliant idea - if one Dread is good - well then, two would be better! So I went to grab my Moros. Everyone had already landed on the next target so I had to hurry, which isn't easy in a Dread. Once I landed I needed to figure out how to go into Triage. My first attempt didn't work, so I figured I must have done something wrong. That's when the Leviathan and the Hel landed. I turned the Moros around to aim it back at the station, then tried to get it into Triage again. And this time I actually saw the notification. Yes, that's right boys and girls, my first time in a Cap fight EVER and I forgot to load fuel in the Moros.

As you can imagine, my poor Moros did not last long.  And that is the first time I lost a Capital ship in Eve. But it won't be the last. Poor Watson also lost his Nag. After that the Titan and Super Carrier left local and we went right back to business. 

As you know by now, I love Eve. And this is just yet another reason why. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you are doing, there is always someone waiting to take it from you. Especially if you make a mistake like forgetting the fuel. Although, to be fair, it wouldn't have mattered in the end. The Moros would have died anyway.

Hopefully the next one will live longer.


  1. Can confirm.

    I was there.

  2. Rixx in a capital.

    Feels wrong.

  3. It's a Siege Module, not triage. Triage is used for Force Auxiliaries but cheers for using a cap. They are great fun - now you have to learn the art of drifting HAW dreads - that is a blast.


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