Empyrean Chronicles Book

Speaking of projects some new players may not have heard about, back in June 2016 I released a book of Eve Fan Fiction and Fan Art called Empyrean Chronicles. You can still download a PDF copy for yourself using this link.

I'm extremely proud of this project and the fact that I put it all together and made it available to the community for FREE. I was hoping it would turn into a more regular project, but the time and energy needed to produce it - also for FREE - was something that just wasn't sustainable.

I do have another book I'm working on however. But this one will take more time. Although I do hope to release it later this year. It will be my last book and will incorporate my story, my art, and other things into one collection. I was hoping that project would be done with the cooperation of certain people who live in Iceland, but as many of you already know they aren't interested unless you are a journalist from the Northwest. Don't even get me started on hypocrisy. This is not the week for that discussion.

Anyway, if you don't have a copy you should. Download it, enjoy it.

I have a hard copy on my shelf.


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