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Stay Frosty and A Band Apart are growing. We recently welcomed two new Corporations to the Alliance - Average Pilots and Abscondita Stilio - both fellow Low Sec PvP groups. And Stay Frosty itself, after our purge last year, has continued to add new players to our roster. My goal is to continue to grow the Alliance into one of the best PvP low sec Alliances in all of New Eden. Our original manifesto of having one Corporation that focuses on different play-styles has been abandoned and we're now focused solely on two areas - PvP (duh) and the industry that fuels it. Our backbone continues to be Lucifer's Hammer and the growth they have also been having in HS, WH, and other areas. We often see many LH members also joining us in PvP fleets. Which is awesome. (Special shout-out to LH leadership for leading the charge!)

So what does this mean for the future? I'd like to see more like-minded PvP groups joining the Alliance in the coming months. As always our main focus is on small gang and solo piracy, but we run regular and consistent fleet operations often 2-3 times a week or more. And we are busy building doctrines for some unique and interesting side business operations that will continue to challenge the status quo in the near future.

In ABA we don't believe in the "Low Sec is Dead" line that gets thrown around. We believe we make content, if you want a certain type of play style, then you work hard to create that play style. Our members are active, engaged, and constantly looking at ways to create content. Just yesterday one of our FCs found a juicy target in a Wormhole and 15 of us went over and blew it up real good. On Saturday we flew Hookbills, last weekend we flew Minmatar Rush ships in honor of Neal Peart, the week before that we flew Drakes before the recent buff.

This is what we do. We have fun. We fly whatever we want. We don't care about our killboard. We challenge, we hunt, we win. And some of the very best PvP pilots in all of New Eden fly with us.

If any of this sounds like the kind of place you or your Corporation would like to be - then contact one of us in-game. Join the EVEOGANDA or The Frosty Hammer in-game channels, or hit me up somewhere. I'm easy to find.

Let's do this!