Twitter Tuesday

I used to have this feature called Twitter Tuesday (or variations of that theme). So I thought I'd bring it back today. Ask me a question over on Tweetfleet Twitter and I will answer it in this post.

Do you miss walking on stations?

I have to assume you meant Walking IN Stations. Although, Walking ON Stations could also be interesting. It is difficult to miss something we never had. To be honest I don't really miss the Captain's Quarters all that much either, it was rather pointless. However, if I could have that gantry view back I would in a heartbeat. I do miss standing there looking at my ships, that perspective was rather awesome. I wouldn't mind CCP bringing something like that back into the game.

In all fairness I do miss the "idea" of WiS. Who knows what it could have been. Like all nostalgia we tend to think of the past in positive terms, but it could have easily have been horrible. It may have even been the death-knell for Eve as a game. I think of it this way - Eve is a game about spaceships. Anything that takes away from that experience hurts Eve. WiS could easily be its own thing certainly, but I still believe it has no place inside of Eve Online. At least in how it was presented to us at the time. Fundamentally that was the real problem with WiS, a lack of vision.

What is the velocity of an unladen Swallow?

African or European Swallow? A simple Google search reveals the answer to this question, but I think the more fundamental issue here is laden Swallows. Why are they laden and who exactly is forcing Swallows to carry loads? I mean, if a Swallow wants to carry something (like a coconut shell for example) on it's own, then that is its business. But forcing Swallows, be they African or European, is a direct violation of their rights. In my opinion. I wouldn't stand for it. Hashtag SwallowRights.

What makes you the pirate lord of lowsec?

Great question here from a total stranger. Besides being the CEO of Stay Frosty, which for over seven years now has been the most active bunch of scum-sucking Pirates in all of Low Sec, I'm also the Executor of A Band Apart, which also happens to be an awesome Alliance primarily based in Low Sec. Those things alone might not be enough, but add to that this blog - which for ten years has been the platform from which I have pontificated, advocated, and generally lauded the Pirate play-style in literally millions of words, images, comics, memes, videos, cartoons, etc.,

But mostly, it's because other people called me that. Charles didn't name himself the Space Pope and I didn't name myself the Pirate Lord. Others did. And I liked the sound of it. True story.

What colour panties are you wearing?

The Pirate Lord is wearing black drawers with white skulls on them that have "YARRR!" written under each skull in a cartoon font. Other days might see me sporting my famous Tristan pair, or the Ban WCS pair, or on chilly Low Sec nights I might slip into my Comet Underoos and sit next to the WCS fire in my Captain's Quarters. Glass of Rum. A Mitch Hedberg comedy special on the Holovision. Hmmm, do we call those Captain's Quadrants now?

What are your beverages of choice when it comes to bathing in the blood of your LS targets and inversely, dying in a glorious ball of fire?

There is a craft distillery on Ouelletta Planet III that makes a fantastic Bourbon that I enjoy. in particular the 25yr old is to explode for. Supply was a problem, so I just bought the company in a hostile takeover. However, for exploding targets there is nothing better than a shot of Tar45 and a pinch of salt. It's made in HS so I have to get it special ordered, but it is totally worth it. Sometimes it can make your hands shake after a fight, so best taken in moderation. But you feel it deep down in your bones. After I pop into a new clone I'll usually chug a few ice-cold Minmatar brewskies, nothing hydrates like rust flaked beer.

What Frigate will you put in your Frigate Bay?

Great question. Lots of discussion on this point on comms and Discord lately. I think the answer will be situational in most cases, what kind of fight am I taking BS into? A structure bash, gate camp, bash, etc., will help to determine what might be the best Frigate choice to make. I suspect that well-tanked, fast points will be very popular - AFs will be great choices in most cases. A well-tanked Wolf, Jag, Retri, would be extremely helpful in a BS fight. Which means the Punisher will probably be the most popular T1 choice for awhile, if not longer. Hard to go wrong with that ship, tanky tackle is always needed. Some will choose utility, ECM, Logi, Target Painters, Damps, ships that can help extend the fight will also be solid choices. Double webs for killing drones could also see some use.

Please describe the benefits of warp stabilizers and interceptors when traveling through losec

There are none. I could stop there, but you did say traveling "thru" low sec. If you are traveling thru and not planning on stopping to engage the locals, then obviously the Interceptor is a great choice for getting safely from one entrance to another. While Interceptors have limited use in low sec generally speaking, they do make for fast travel platforms. So no need to put WCS on them. They work fine without them, in fact put some Inertial Stabs in the lows and make them work even better. Unlike WCS the Inertial wont destroy your range. Or kill a kitten.

What do you hope to see in the new Matrix movie?

If I said Trinity naked my Wife would get mad at me. Seriously, I'd welcome a great story. I have my doubts about the need for another Matrix movie, but if they can figure out a solid story that will make it worthwhile. It is possible they have a chance to re-con a few troublesome things from the last two and make this story even better. I hope they take it.

What would make you give up your -10 sec status?

It has been challenging to keep it a perfect -10 with all these free skill points if you explode and NPC days! But -9.99 or -9.98 is only a few pod kills away, and free skill points are free skill points. While I have no plans to ever give up piracy I do actually have one scenario in which I might raise my sec status - and that would be if HS wars became more engaging, challenging, and potentially good content. I might just raise my sec status just to take the hurt into HS and bust some heads. That could be worth it, but the way things are right now it isn't.

How do you feel about the changes in Industry, minerals shortage? Will the pirate lord's wallet run short of ISK when prices go up for ships?

It is already challenging to keep the wallet up with how expensive everything is in Eve already. All I can hope is that CCP has an actual plan on how they will be proceeding and, as promised, these shortages are only the first step in a larger scope. However, having played Eve for over 12 years now, the track record of CCP having an actual plan they execute is not good. So, like many players, I am also concerned. While I do believe resources should be more scarce and perhaps more organically engaging, I also know what happens when our Overlords give up on a game mechanic half-way through development. I've been living in FW space. And that hasn't been touched in a very, very long time.

What inspires your art? (Eve Online obviously, but what else? ;) )

Excellent question. I loved science fiction and spaceships long before Eve Online. In fact it was my love of science fiction that initially fired my imagination when I was very young. Learning more about the artists behind book covers, films, album covers, comic books, and other forms of imaginative expression is what drove me to express myself with art in the first place. Roger Dean, Ralph McQuarrie, Michael Whelan, Bernie Wrightson, I could list names all day long. Those are the people that inspired me and continue to do so. These days however my main inspiration comes from my ex-wife, who spent more than a decade telling, yelling, and screaming that I wasn't a "true" artist. Eve just happened to come along at the right time. The combination of wanting to prove myself as a real artist and the inspiration I got from Eve Online merged into a passion for creating original works. To challenge myself in new ways, explore new techniques, and to one day sell my work, sign autographs in Iceland, and have my pieces hang in a real gallery. It is a journey and I've really just taken the first steps. But I hope someday my work might inspire others, just as others once inspired me.

What is the source of your endless ideas and creativity?

When I was young my brain never stopped churning. I had problems getting it to stop, to slow down, and to focus. At times I sincerely thought I might be losing my mind. The struggle to control that energy, to get it to focus, became a life-long challenge. But art, creativity, constantly putting myself into impossibly challenging positions, helped. I even think some self-medicated weed during college helped. But mostly experience and age have also contributed. The brain still churns, the voices are still there, and while I might have lost my mind many years ago - whatever demons are there have been wonderful allies in my career. I would be lost without that energy. I have no idea where it comes from, but I'm glad it hasn't left.

And with that I think I'll end this session. I may bring this back again in the near future. Thanks to everyone who participated, both seriously and amusingly, much appreciated as always.

I think we all learned something.