My Etsy Store is Open

I created a lot of swag for this year's Fanfest, including this incredible Stay Frosty lapel pin. Every year I create a lot of swag to hand out personally at all of the player events we attend, including our own player meet-up at our house in the Summer. This year we were planning on being at Fanfest, the Eve Cruise, Steel City Eve (which may still happen!), Eve North, and possibly Eve New Orleans or Eve London. All of which are either cancelled or potentially cancelled.

Which leaves me with 400 of these Stay Frosty pins and tons of other swag. How to get these into your hands?  Out of dire circumstances comes innovation, so yesterday I started a new ETSY Store front which you can find here. Or in the permanent link over on the sidebar under the RedBubble Store link.

The Stay Frosty logo doesn't include any Eve IP, nor is it used in-game, so the design is owned by me. Same with the Alliance logo. So I can sell them for a modest price (shipping in the US is Free btw, although International shipping is not sadly). However, to blunt the blow of our International friends each package includes a bunch of free swag!!  Believe me, this is not a profit center for me. It is just the only way I can come up with that makes sense to get these into your hands.

The Etsy store is something I've wanted to do for awhile and I will be adding more items to it over time. So be sure to bookmark it or favorite it so you get updates when something new is added.

It still annoys me that places like Etsy are full of illegal Eve IP being sold and yet honest people like myself still have no way to get their creations into people's hands. This remains an area I continue to work on, but as of yet there is still no real solution. So until one opens up all I can do is keep trying.

Until then you have my RedBubble store and my new Etsy store. Both of which I continue to support and add new items when I can.

Onward and Upward.