I rarely take out a new never-flown before ship before I have had a chance to train all the necessary skills to level V. I also like to give new ships a bit of time to settle into the meta a bit before flying them. These new Edencom Zappy Ships are an exception for a couple of reasons. First, the specialization skills are insanely expensive. I'm just now getting around to training the small spec skill to V. And secondly, what the heck are they good for!?!

So it was that this past Wednesday I decided to take out a roam and was convinced to fly the Stormbringer along with my fellow Stay Frosty pilot No'vac. So two Zappy Boys on an adventure, what could go wrong? Well first of all, my ship shoots my fleet mates! Every time I turned on my guns I would give those around me damage as well. Who thought this was a good idea?

We've been using Skybreakers in some of our AT comps (They are only worth one measly point) and have discovered that they are pretty decent at clearing drones. If you are careful about this plan, you can clear drones pretty good with it. You just have to be careful about whose drones you are clearing. The Skybreaker can have a decent tank for a Frigate, and decent enough speed, but it is really pretty worthless otherwise. Tackle. It's a decent tackle ship for the points.

As for the Stormbringer? The best thing I can say about it is I now have a single kill in one. I did manage to apply some minor damage to this Stabber Fleet Issue. Thing is, I also managed to get on two other kills - those of my fellow corpmates! So technically I have three kills with the ship.

Look, I'm all for new ships and new guns and new tactics - they help keep Eve interesting and ever changing. But you mean to tell me that in the far-flung future with all the advanced technology that we have, we can't make our weapons shoot the targets we want? So these things are simply pretty AOE weapons I suppose, like smartbombs? That's how we will have to think of them.

Perhaps these Edencom ships are super great for PvE missions or something, but my initial thoughts are that they kinda suck for PvP.

Nice models though. And I will eventually train the skills, just in case.