DEATH RACE 2010 went off without a hitch yesterday!  75 total registered entrants and 60 made it into the fleet that gathered in Assah and raced head-long into the heart of Providence.  I am extremely proud this morning of all our Racers and how well they all performed, but it was a Race after all and every race has its winners and losers.  So this morning I'd like to announce the final TOP TEN Racers and the prizes they have each won.

I'll be back later with PART TWO which will detail the "Death" portion of the Race.  It is going to take more time to tally the wreckage and check kill-mails, so give me some time to get to that and add everything up.

I'll also have more to say about the Race itself, how things went and some of the stories from the day's event.  The funny thing about it, from my perspective as the organizer, is how removed I actually was from the event.  But from everything I witnessed and was told afterwards, everyone had a blast and the adrenaline was pumping.

So, without further ado, here are the OFFICIAL TOP TEN DEATH RACERS:

FIRST PLACE: Persephone Astrid (The Bastards)
• 600m ISK
• Choice of Faction Frigate & Domination Warp Scrambler (Sponsored by MissX934)
• Astarte Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

SECOND PLACE: Jirock (Pastry Productions Inc.)
• 300m ISK
• Dominix Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

THIRD PLACE: John B'dlam (Heaven's Avatars)
• 100m ISK
• Drake Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

(Fourth thru Tenth will each receive 10m ISK)

FOURTH: Histocomp
FIFTH: Mamba Lev
SIXTH: CaptainHeroUK
SEVENTH: Cyras DeValera
EIGHTH: Angor Mau
NINTH: Abrafo Alger
TENTH: Schmetterflug

Congratulations to all our winners!

Our racers were 3-20 on Kills vs. Deaths, so this truly was a Death Race! (12 pilots lost their pods also, aww!)
We killed 2 Sabres and an Eris.
We lost a Cormorant, Vengence, 2x Punisher, Firetail, Ares, Magnate, Kestrel, Atron, Vagabond, Stiletto, Rifter, Skiff, Kitsune, Crow, Typhoon, Imperial Navy Slicer and a Malediction.

Be sure to check out Mike's Skiff!  

Most of the deaths seem to have happened on the first two jumps, so the times are very much the same on everything.  However, we do have some additional prizes to be awarded.

"Most Kills": Goes to Sunch who brought a Typhoon and somehow managed to get onto 2 kills with it!  Congrats m8, you were the only racer to get on more than one kill.

"First Death": Goes to Zackgar who lost his Malediction four minutes into the race!  Ouch.

"First Kill":  Here we have a bit of a problem.  This was a prize only category and we have 3 pilots on the first kill mail - Logan, Angelus Infirim and Amnatar Kyaan.  If it is ok with you gentlemen I will send you each 20m ISK and keep the prize in the pool for next time. (If that's ok with Roo, I'll have to check with her first since she was the sponsor.)

In the meantime I will be contacting each of our winners and transferring ISK and making contacts for prize deliveries, so hang in there, I will get around to everyone in due time.  I promise.

One last thing, I promise not to be long winded so the results can go up asap, but I want to say again how proud I am how well everything went yesterday.  You may not realize just how many people told me how stupid I was to think this would work, how many cheaters we'd have, and how few people would care.  I'm happy to say this morning that the nay-sayers were wrong.  It did work, as far as I can tell we didn't have a single case of cheating, and it sure seems like a lot of good people cared a lot.  From our sponsors, our supporters, our race helpers and the blogger community - every single one of you deserve the credit for making our first ever DEATH RACE a huge success!  Thank you.

A very special thank you to Nashh Kadavr!  Nashh supported the concept from the very beginning and even went above and beyond good sense to personally sponsor 20 of our racers!  A big huge thank you m8.

I also can't say enough about my Corp, Dissonance (DION), and how much support and help they have been over the past month.  That was them stationed deep in enemy territory yesterday making sure our racers were on course.  They've been amazing.  Thanks to each of them.

And to MissX934, Roo,, EON Magazine, EVEPress and Mike Azariah - a very special thank you!  You guys believed in this enough to lend your support and donations to a cause you had every right to believe would be a failure or at worst a scam of the first magnitude.  Thank you for believing and for helping to make the event worthy of your trust.

Finally to each of our racers, thanks for taking time out to play, have fun, fly fast and die hard. You are all winners.