What's In Your Hanger?

Time for another look inside the super-secret personal hanger of one Rixx Javix. What ships does he have on hand to kill you with?  Let's take a look:

As of today I have 55 ships ready to rumble in my hanger.

(1) Enyo - This one is actually missing a mod at the moment, so it doesn't have a name yet. I need to get Ana up to Dodixie to pick up a faction mod so I can fly this thing.

(1) Hawk - "Gumbi Bear" I keep trying to get fights in this thing, but haven't had much luck yet. You have to be picky and the other guy knows that.

(2) Incursus - "Nala Nala" and Unfitted, I also need a faction mod for one of these as well. Nala Nala is pretty traditionally fit blaster boat 'o doom, but the second one is purely a fun new fit I'd like to try out.

(2) Jaguars - "My Cousin's Ship" and "Spire'd" Both fit similarly for the most part, although one is active tanked and one is passive tanked. And no, not telling which is which.

(1) Retribution - I bought this when these things were getting the extra mid slot. I still haven't fitted it up. What's the point?

(1) Vengeance - "Stinky Wickett" Love the Veng, I think I'll take it out later today.

(3) Drakes - Cause you can never have enough Drakes. "Brick House", "Parts" and "Pud Knocker" all three fit differently. Massive tank HAM Drake of Death, Heavy Nano Drake of Speed, and dual webbed Drake of Special Hugs.

(1) Harbinger - Y'know, just because.

(3) Canes - "Artful Dodger", "Indian Giver" and "Oh Noes" Same variety as the Drakes really, Arty Cane, Tanked Cane and Speed Demon Cane.

(1) Myrmidon - "Rumble Fish" Which I have never flown in combat. That's sad.

(1) Naga - "Granite Counters" Reach out and touch someone.

(1) Oracle - "Cuntas Veritas" (lol) 

(1) Talos - "Hot Rod Lincoln"

(1) Tornado - "Artemis Gundy" I didn't say anything about the above ships cause I haven't really flown them much yet.

(1) Baddon - "BALL SQUEEZR" One badass ship, believe me.

(1) Geddon - Unfitted at the moment, I need a special neut that I can't find to finish her off. Hint hint.

(1) Tempest - "First Dragon" I used to fly the Pest all the time. Great ship.

(1) Phoon - "Man Without Hat" When you need DPS, call me.

(1) Curse - "Lord Carnarvon" Awesome ship that I never fly anymore.

(1) Absolution - "Cuddle" Damn! This ship is so tough it makes Chuck Norris cry.

(1) Sleipnir - "Wombat"

(1) Cynabal - "Snots" love the cynabal.

(1) Rupture - "Gumball" fitted to fight frigs.

(1) SFI - "Boogersnots" Dual repped cannon of extreme pain.

(1) Thorax - unfitted.

(1) Vexor - "Poofter" bait ship.

(1) Catalyst - "bad attitude" been trying to get fights in this as well.

(2) Thrashers - "stoopid" and "tickler" one is a suicide ganker and one isn't.

(1) Falcon - "Owl Shit" I dunno, I was bored one day and fitted one up. I haven't flown a Falcon in almost two years.

(1) Pilgrim - "bad luck" for me, this thing is docked for a long time.

(1) Rapier - "gulp" cause that's what people say when they see it.

(2) Daredevil - "Murdock" and unfitted.

(1) Dramiel - "Rifter! Honest!" lol

(1) Navy Slicer - "Owl Shit" lol, I just realized I have two ships named that!

(12) Rifters - 4 are fitted.

(1) Worm - "Eat Brains" I don't even remember how this thing is fitted.

(1) Munnin - unfitted. This I mostly keep for quick cash. Such has been the fate of many Munnins in my hanger.

(1) Vagabond - "Server Glitch" I love Vagas. So kewl.

(1) Zealot - "Killer Queen" CCP bought me this Zealot almost two years ago. Might be the oldest ship in my hanger.

(1) Broadsword - "Pretty Pony" I trained for 'em and now I don't need bubbles. :(

(1) Devoter - "Bite Me" see above.

(1) Crow - "#27", yes I number my Crows.

(1) Taranis - "Mad Max" 

(1) Sabre - "Stonewall" more bubbles.

(1) Manticore - "sur2die" for quick WH DPS usually.

(1) Tengu - "Desolation" Love my Tengu. Actually this is probably the oldest ship in my hanger. Never lost one, so it has to be.

I have a couple of other ships in nearby systems and a few in not so nearby systems, but those are the ones in my hanger as of today.

So, what's in your hanger?