Small, insignificant milestone today. Finally hit 1,500 kills on BattleClinic.  I was hoping number 1,500 would be something worthy, and for awhile it looked like it might be a Tengu or a Loki. But those guys didn't wanna play and disappeared.

So I grabbed my wittle Slasher and went out hunting. Very quiet today, so not much going on anywhere. But I did find a couple of FW Incursus in Jov and started chasing them around. One of them happened to be the "Die Tusker!" Incursus you may remember from a few posts back.

Even with the blazing speed of the Slasher it is still hard to get a lock and with my recent unexplained lag issues even harder. ( Lately it seems like every third or fourth attempt is hampered by lag for some reason.) Anyway, I chased and chased. I give Peanuts Butter credit, most pilots dock up or leave, but she kept at it.

Eventually though, I was at the Acceleration Gate first and she exploded. I even let her pod go in appreciation.

And this Incursus was also named, "Die Later Tusker!" which is just awesome.

So thanks Peanuts Butter for being my 1,500th kill in Eve. Now for 1,500 more.