"Just Plain Stupid"

In the comments of my last post, long-time Tusker W0lf Crendraven felt moved to offer some friendly advice.

This advice boiled down to "move out of Hevrice, staying is just plain stupid."

Before I move on, I'd like to start off by mentioning a few salient facts. We only started recruiting two weeks ago, many of our pilots are still moving, getting settled, building up their ships, etc. We only got our own comms, forums and killboard set-up a week ago. We are now at about 60 members, 5 of which are former Tuskers btw, and 90% of which have more than a year of playing Eve under their belts.

"This really is just general advice and im only giving it once, because it is to my own disadvantage. Move out of hevrice."

Remember, this wasn't emailed to me, it was posted on my blog. A blog read by a lot of people. Just two weeks in to our formation, recruitment and moving cycle. Already, they want us out.

"Now dont misunderstand,i dont actually want you gone (id much rather have you stay tbh), farming your corp is way to much fun but i really dont think your corp will stay healthy in any way if you choose to stay, the local competition is just to strong. Your corp members will just get farmerd till they lose all fun in small scale/solo pvp, nothing is fun in continuesly dieing to others without getting any real kills."

I guess W0lf is doing me a favor here, that's nice. He seems to forget that the best things are forged in fire. When I built Lucifer's Hammer we started in Syndicate ( which back then meant something! ) and moved to Curse, back to Syndicate and then onward. We looked for trouble. You don't build a pirate corporation on 'easy mode'. It just doesn't happen.

Are we getting "farmed"? Do the Tuskers do that? Strange. I'll be the first to admit that our record currently against the Tuskers isn't good. We have managed to explode 20 of their ships in two weeks, while moving in, so are those not "real"? They sure seem real to me. And to my pilots.

No doubt the Tuskers are far better organized and prepared than we are, plus they have their boosters in local almost 24/7 now, something they would never do before. Huh.

"I can see this going two ways, one is ecm and blobs all the time (its already starting) the other is quttting, neither of these are good options. I get why you as a person dont want to move (all your stuff is in hev and you have been in the area for a very long time), but setting up a noob corp where we live is just plain stupid."

Wow, are the Tuskers really threatening to use ecm and blobs against us? That doesn't sound like them does it? Wonder where that is coming from?

Quitting is a good point. I don't want my pilots getting frustrated and leaving, so I put this to a vote and discussion on our forums. Right now 92% of us want to stay. And you know what? Unlike the Tuskers, those that disagree with me won't be KICKED OUT! lol.

And now the big insult. "Noob Corp"? 90% of Stay Frosty is more than a year old. And, I might mention, some of our newer characters are veterans that wanted to join in order to "have a place to play". So I'd be careful in throwing insults that are not backed by facts.

"Move out, look for your own system, costolle, lisbataine or adirain or even a bit further out are all valid options for your corp to move while still sharing the main hunting grounds, but dont make your corp live in hev or you will ruin it."

So... move close enough that we can still 'farm' you? Why not move to the other side of the map? I mean, I don't want to ruin my new corp. Do I?

Let me be clear. I didn't decide to stay in Hevrice because of the Tuskers. I didn't decide to stay because I am lazy ( couple JF trips and we can be anywhere we want! ). I chose Hevrice because it is the PERFECT place to start a new corporation. Unlike other places in New Eden where people blob, station camp, or otherwise act in unpredictable ways, Hevrice is relatively normal. It is next to hi-sec and sits in the perfect confluence of system access. Trade systems are close, Syndicate is close, as is Black Rise, OMS, and other points of interest. This is why I decided to stay in Hev. (We won't be staying in Hev forever. The plan is to move on in about a year anyway.)

Trial by Fire sounds trite, but it is a universal truth. HTFU or die. Sink or swim.

We aren't leaving. More of us are coming. Much more.

To join Stay Frosty simply send in an app. Our public channel is easy to remember - EVEOGANDA.


  1. I'll drop by for a visit this weekend :) Bring ammo.

    1. We should coordinate. Roc is joining this weekend and I think Ripard might come around also. Could be an awesome time with some many bloggers!! lol

    2. Ooooh! Ripard is coming!!!! teheeeeeeee!

      Lol. I'm just kidding of course. I voted for the bastard. I'll try to be online. Should be fun to hav Hevrice full of "celebs".

    3. Yeah. Being told to leave makes me even more excited to stay. Never start a fight you can win. Where have I heard this before?

    4. People always just want me to "go away" and stop causing so much trouble. I'm used to it. Sand in an oyster, just like my Mom used ta say.

    5. I prefer "ants at a picnic".
      Stay strong Rixx.

    6. tbh i think wolf was just offering you a bit of advice as im sure you know most of the tuskers are not angry/hateful towards you. Every tusker ive talked to is all for you guys staying here (including myself). we can usually get a bit of action from you (albeit sometimes u drop a lot on a little, but thats not really a problem, lets call it a challange) and we dont have to roam 17 jumps to find you.

  2. I for one am glad to see Stay Frosty doing well, it's nice to have fights so close by. I can see where W0lf is coming from in that some of your guys are pretty new, but if they're having fun it's all good.

    That said, I just want to address a couple of pieces of misinformation:

    "No doubt the Tuskers are far better organized and prepared than we are, plus they have their boosters in local almost 24/7 now, something they would never do before."

    This is simply wrong - I haven't seen us using boosters once while I've been online (we did have a cloaky Buzzard out at one point that was accused of boosting, but I'm fairly sure that doesn't count)! Don't forget that the booster characters we have - especially Sulei's - are also our regular alts. Just because they're online and in system doesn't mean we're boosting - most of the time we're not even in a fleet. I get that you're probably just trying to 'propaganda' us, but I just want to make sure your members don't really believe we're constantly boosted - we're as interested in fun fights as they are.

    "I can see this going two ways, one is ecm and blobs all the time (its already starting) the other is quttting... are the Tuskers really threatening to use ecm and blobs against us?"

    I think you misunderstood him there, he's talking about your guys. There have been a few times recently where a lot of the newer guys have been (completely understandably) unwilling to engage solo, and/or have brought ECM support to even the odds. Obviously we don't really enjoy ECM, so W0lf is probably worried that if the scales remain tipped, ECM in hevrice is going to become more common. Personally I think that's just a little pessimistic, but we'll see.

    Keep pewpewing!

    1. Using boosters and having boosters available are two different things. From my perspective I can't know when boosters are actually being used, so my only concern is teaching my pilots to notice when they are in local. From our side there is no difference in those two things. It isn't a "propaganda" issue at all, it is about being smart and having situational awareness.

    2. Fair enough. There are really only a handful of Tuskers who use boosters outside of scheduled gangs - I'm sure you know who they are already from your time with us. Learning which pilots do and don't use them is also a fairly key skill that's worth developing, much like knowing who's likely to honour a 1v1 and so on.

      As a general guide, if we're doing ad-hoc stuff in Hevrice rather than a roaming gang, it's very unlikely that we'll have links. If your guys are concerned, just tell them to ask us - most of us will be very up front about whether we're using links or not, and even those who are would probably rather dock them up and get a fight than keep them out and not.

    3. Pretty telling that Tuskers keep responding with escalation. We fought a bc this morning with 2 bc and a frigate and Tuskers brought 2bc, a Tengu, a Fleet Tempest and an Eos for goodness sake. This isn't the first time either. We had a Cruiser fight the other day they over-compensated for as well. And those are just the ones I was in.

      Interesting how much time and energy I spent on this blog convincing people Tuskers wanted good fights. Turns out that must have just been me.

    4. People actually fly Eoses? Now I just *know* you're making it up! =P

    5. http://frosty.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=17982966

    6. im sure noone in stay frosty would ever "overcompensate" this is only done by evil and bad people afterall ;)

    7. "intent" is an important word. I'm out flying in my Daredevil and happen upon a Tristan and explode him, many people would accuse me of overcompensating" as you put it. Perhaps, but it wasn't my intent. That Tristan was simply a target of opportunity that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Now that same Tristan is in system and I follow him for four jumps, wait until he's engaged with a Vexor and then kill him? Now that is intentional overcompensation. ( Gosh, this scenario actually happened to me yesterday! lol )

      I always try to go get a Tristan to fight a Tristan when possible. I'm not suggesting that everyone has to act that way, it's just the way I choose to play. And the way the Tuskers used to play.

    8. And about us "escalating", u dropped three battlecruisers on my one battlecruiser and saw no problem with that, then we escalate (sort of?) to a cs, a tengu, and a BS, but this is a problem?

      1v3 wasnt an issue, but 4v3 is? dont make us out to be blobbing you guys when we are just returning the favor :)

      Or when my moa killed ur thorax, then u dropped a wolf/myrmidon on me and reshipped to your own moa? That was fine (again another 1v3) but when I drop a macherial (escalation) on ur myrmidon and kill it (even though it was a 1v1, though outclassed, just like I was a minute before) that was horrifying?

      Come on rixx, you reap what you sow.

    9. Azn - I have made myself a promise not to mention your corp again in these pages. I've tried and yet each time I try you guys pop up to spread your lies. That makes it difficult to remain silent, even though that is my intention.

      So without mentioning anyone by name I must say you are full of an amazing amount of self-delusional hypocrisy. Yesterday, for example, I engaged Sully in a Domi/Hyperion fight on our station. He was losing. Then another Hyperion lands, along with a Dominix and a Legion.

      Two things:
      1) I knew this would happen and the Domi was a sacrifice. It was Sully's Domi anyway, a left over from last Summer, so it was free. And insured. I keep hoping that this will placate you. But apparently not.
      2) All is fair of course. You guys can camp our station, bring Machariels and BS to kill our frigs, all of which is perfectly fine. But don't pretend it isn't hypocritical and anti-Tusker, because it is obviously so to anyone with half a brain. But just remember that it was the Tuskers that started it.

      My hope was that we could both enjoy good fights between us. But that doesn't appear to be the way you guys want it. Which is fine.

    10. so, what you're saying is, you have no rebuttal for dropping 3 bcs on my 1, or for dropping a AF/bc/cruiser on my moa, and just want to complain and state that we're delusional?

      please, provide inside to this. http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=17983051
      or this http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=17822895
      or this? http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=17813134

      Can you explain in any of those situations where we "lied" or "initiated escalation"?

      By the way, you never had that hype, he was tanking you on 1 rep. you had a megathron with you 5 minutes before, so I brought in my hype. rob and arc just wanted to whore and did like 6% damage combined.

      To be fair I have no problems fighting outshipped/numbered, what I think is the problem is that while ur guys have no qualms about doing it to us, its a problem when we come with more then you.

      Matter fact, ive seen no complains from any of your guys at all. Just you.

    11. Whatever. You are right, us poor start-up corp guys terrorized the t**kers and made them undock Machs, Fleet Tempests, Lokis, Hyperions, Daredevils and whatever nasty shit they have (including a friggin Eos!) because we is so scary. I give up. You are right. I was blind, now I can see.

    12. what does ur reply have to do with my reply m8?

    13. It's called mockery. Your replies are so inane all I am left with is open mockery.

  3. All time new low as far as i am concerned. We are also pretty done.

    1. You commented in public, so I had to address it in public. I can also be reached in a wide variety of private methods including Eve Mail, regular email, twitter, jabber, skype, go to meeting, linkedIn... i might be forgetting a couple.

  4. Just put in my app, and I don't live far away now, hope to be able to move in soon!

  5. I don't understand why so much hate and anger from W0lf. Is there something personal going on here? I like the Tuskers, they're a good outfit with very good pilots. Mutual respect is all that is required among us. We should shoot each other with glee and then cap it off with a "GF o7" in local like proper gentlemen Pirates that we are.

    Are Tuskers difficult? You bet! W0lf right there is VERY good but the only way to get better is to fight good pilots. I have faced W0lf only twice, and must admit I weaseled out of the first one when I realized it was a silly encounter, he took his revenge very shortly after like the proper pirate he is. From those two encounters, particularly the first one where I was getting NOTHING done and he was dictating range like a boss, I learned a LOT. I always learn lots from good pilots.

    Having Tuskers around is good for us. We'll take advantage of the learning experience and in time both corps will have excellent fights with each other, not to mention the area will become Red Zone to anyone traveling by.


    1. There was some e-drama between Rixx and the rest of the Tuskers when he left (I won't bring it up again, but it's probably fair to say both parties could have handled it better). I think most people have put it behind them by this point, but that's your explanation if it seems like relations at times are slightly... frosty! ;)

    2. W0lf is the guy that posts garbage all over the fitting threads on FHC right?

      He's just a decent player who has let it get to his head. It doesn't help that he responds with the social grace of a severely autistic child to everyone with a slightly different opinion to him.

  6. As Azual was pointing out, beyond blowing the opinion of one player out of proportion to produce a blag entry on the matter, I've had amazingly good experience in Molden Heath with another young piracy organization, by the name of Black Rebel Rifter Club that based just a jump away from my very active corporation at the time.

    Was there a lot of "farming" kills? Sure, it's what happens when young pilots take on better SP, experienced players that may have a friend or two. However for the most part PvP was cordial, very little in the way of overwhelming EWAR/boosting alts used and a whole lot of solo vs solo, solo vs small gang and small gang vs small gang action. I got so many 1v1's and very fun 1 vs several fights that I wouldn't be able to count, and the majority of fights were mutually fun occurrences. The sort of situation y'all are in definitely can work if both groups look for fun vs ~elite pvp~.

    I will say though basing out of the same station is going to favor the higher SP nerds, as if tuskies are anything like MH denizens, people are going to camp in blap ships and peg people undocking. Something as simple as choosing a different station in the same system would be much more ideal.

    1. Sard - we are in a different station m8, since day one.

      Black Rebels are good folks, always up for a good fight in my experience.

    2. It also bears mentioning that those encounters R1FTA had with Gunpoint helped many new players sharpen their skills. While we may have been farmed, we were learning every step of the way. I think you're in a good situation Rixx. Your pilots will only get better. We need more corps like yours that give newbros a place to learn.

    3. I have to agree with duke here, i cut my teeth on RANSM fights and had some great 1v1's with great pilots who actually gave me advice after they killed me.

    4. "Sard - we are in a different station m8, since day one."

      And that's where I live. Honestly, Hev VI is in a slightly better location than Hev V, which is why I moved in there originally. Also, not knowing if larger groups moving through would be likely to camp stations, I figured I'd move to the less populated one to be less inconvenienced by such an eventuality. That seems to have backfired. Now if only I can make my way back from Metropolis to Sinq Laison, I might run into your corp.

  7. Gunpoint were fun guys to shoot and die to when I was a Rebel, however, I cant remember a single fight from a tusker that I enjoyed.

    Stay Frosty should definately move to Molden Heath, its an amazing stomping ground for low sec pvp, and with the new Dust bunnies playing around, its even better =)

  8. And rixx, the few fight i have had with your boys have good solid fights, so keep at it m8


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