A Chart of My Own!

The other day Poetic had a chart on her blog that showed her PvP history, so I wanted one of my own.

Click to embiggen!
I started playing Eve in October 2008, so I am closing in on five full years of playing Eve. And while combat has always been my vocation in New Eden, it hasn't always been a priority. Back in the early days priorities also included making iskies from chain ratting Providence, delivering supplies from Empire to Null, and trying to learn how to fly in super huge impersonal fleets.

I won't recount my entire history, as it is all laid out here on the blog in super painful detail, but it follows this basic outline:

• Null. Mostly in and around Providence, multiple wars with multiple Alliances.
• Moving. All over the map.
• Lucifer's Hammer. My first Pirate Corporation.
• Almost quitting. Losing my business in RL, etc. Bad year 2012.
• Tuskers.
• Stay Frosty.

For me it has never been about numbers, I certainly cannot play enough to make even a marginal go at the numbers game - I'll leave that to the College kids. The best I can do is try to be as consistent as possible over the long haul.

I found a post from June 2010 that stated I was ranked #42,372 on BattleClinic at the time. Today I am ranked #1,757. Back then I had 526 kills to 172 losses. Today that number is 2,419 to 500.

Ehh whatever. Killboard numbers, as always, are interesting and reflective of certain realities, but beyond that - not much. I play for other reasons, but it is a journal after all. And this is history.

Regarding my killboard the goal remains the same as always - to reach as high as possible. And have as much fun doing it as I can.

And make things go boom. And irritate people. Mostly by continuing to talk about this stuff. That seems to irritate a lot of people. lol.


  1. What would be a good discussion is how to make more useful sense of kill board statistics. Pretty much everyone I see talks about either kills or isk killed vs lost, but what I never see mentioned is taking into account the kill mail participation factor. Everyone's taking credit for the full isk value of the kill, no matter how many others are on that kill mail, and no one's taking credit for the losses of their gang mates. What you end up seeing is kills counted multiple times while loses are only counted once when people look at individual kill board statistics, producing crazy kill/loss ratios. The only time when the participation factor doesn't make a difference is when you're looking at a solo PvPer or looking at gang/corp/alliance kill boards.

    I'm not picking on you in any way, its just something I've noticed as someone new to the game that there's so much eagerness from the player base on kill board stats but it doesn't seem like anyone's taking the effort to produce a more meaningful metric.

    A first step could be to divide kills or isk by the percentage of damage done, but that doesn't take into account logistics. You can also split out the fleetmate losses by related kill mail associations that kill boards make. This would at least give us a more meaningful number to look and crow about, but may also have a bunch of unintended consequences of people not being allowed in fleet because others not wanting a kill's "worth" diluted further.

    An interesting discussion for sure.

    1. I've written about that issue before, I just can't seem to find the post. But I agree that the standard killboard approach is flawed, just not sure what we can do about it. There are many factors that should be considered when building a PvP Metric that more closely approximates the quality of each engagement in my opinion. One of the most important that never gets mentioned is the quality of the opponent you are facing. I believe the higher the Metric of the opponent you defeat the higher the "score" of that engagement should be, and vice versa. Building such a system is not impossible, but rather challenging.

    2. OK, you asked Poe, now I'm asking you... Whe you get the killah graph man? It 'looks' like the charts the are available in EVE-Census.com... but they dunt have a toon chart just Corp and Alliance etc. Didja make it yerself like Poe er what?

    3. I just copied the data from eve kill into Keynote, it has a very good graph generator bult into it.

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