Rubicon Changes Ranked

Here are the Rubicon changes I am most excited about in order of excitement. Y'know, for me personally. Your rankings may vary. Because you are an individual with varying interests. Which is what you should be. Think for yourself. Don't just let some random blogger tell you what to think gosh darn it!! Even one as intelligent and handsome as your friendly neighborhood blogger. Even him. Heck, especially him!


29AU Taranis!! Need I say more? Ok, I will. 29AU Taranis that isn't affected by Warp Bubbles!! Gotta lump all of that into this one, it is simply the greatest change in ALL of Eve history... since, like T3 Cruisers maybe. If you don't believe this you must only spin your ships and never actually undock them. Spin spinning will not be affected, but everything else will be changed forever.

It isn't just about the Interceptor class here, this change will fundamentally alter the entire fabric of space travel, combat and everything else about being in space. I am not overselling this, stop and think about it for a moment. Everything will be quicker, even without 3x Intertial Stabs in your lows. D-scanning will become essential. This is a big deal.

That is why it is number one. See, I thought about this list for a couple of minutes.


It doesn't matter how much or where much or when much these things work or don't work, what matters is that they exist in the first place. The other three player structures aren't even worth mentioning right now, we'll just have to wait and see about them. But the Siphon Unit will rock space in ways that no one can predict. Ok, maybe I can predict it, but I'm not sharing those specific thoughts with you. Not right now anyway.

Do your own planning for goodness sake!


It is a small thing to most people perhaps, but if you die about once a month this small change is a HUGE freakin' deal. No longer do you have to pause training to insert implants into your head. WHOOP! Gold Star for that Dev, thank you.


Many people would put these higher on the list, see above about things that vary. Any new ships in Eve are worth praising, but it remains to be seen how much these two new white ships will impact my play-style. If at all. Oh sure, I'll own a couple. I'll own them because I love spaceships!


I don't fly Marauders and I hate ECM, so there is very little of this stage of balancing to be excited about that isn't already wrapped up in Warp Speed changes. I will admit that I am a big fan of the Sentinel and that ship is gonna be even more awesome! Otherwise, these are changes that we needed and I am happy about them. And I may buy a Marauder just to see those bits move.


I lumped these two together because they are essentially the same thing really, they inhabit the same general function. More easier things to look at. At this point in my Eve career they won't impact me personally very much, but I am excited about how much gooder they will be for younger players. I am not without sympathy when it comes to learning the worlds most freakishly complicated game.

The rest is either Carebear or Hi-Sec stuff, so I have no interest in those changes at all. Not even a little bit. I don't even read the stuff about them. Ghost sites? Can I scan people down in them? Good enough.

There was something about more stuff being available in Low Sec. It sounded carebeary to me, but more traffic in low is always good. So that should be on the list, trouble is I can't even remember what it was for.

I'm sure it doesn't matter. Come to low sec to make iskies! Im excited for Rubicon and you should be as well. What else matters? Eve is better.


  1. The thing with the carebeary low sec stuff is making it so that lower level DED sites will spawn in low. I was there when Sugar Kyle pitched the idea to CCP Masterplan. The idea is to provide an income source in low for brand new players who want to jump straight into low sec, become pirates and absolutely destroy (at least in CONCORD's eyes) their security status. Sure, they can join a pirate corp like Stay Frosty, but if you're flying in low sec, you probably have an independent streak in you. Who wants to always rely on their corpmates for funds? The change gives the brand new player-pirate the ability to get funds on their own when no one else is logged on.

    1. Well said. I was being purposely flip above, but obviously all us pirates are excited about this news.

  2. You didn't even RANK the SMA wrecks!?

    1. I don't even know what that is? lol

    2. ship maintenance arrays will drop the ships

  3. Replies
    1. The frosty fleets I run in are usually in the size of 2-5 people. The changes to the fleet UI is generally pretty minor.

  4. You don't have to scan down ghost sites. They are like anoms; they appear on your scanner automatically. With nice loot on the line, they should attract people. If you are already there, you pew them. Or maybe you are not there but are watching dscan. Then you warp in and jump on them.

    And the containers when you fail go BOOM. That should be fun too.

    So keep an eye out for ghost sites. I have the feeling you will like them.

  5. Ghost sites will be bringing more traffic to low, and Jester had some good pvp ideas for them. May want to check them out a little further!


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