Yesterday on ABA Slack, and I don't remember how it started, but the conversation turned to films and I made a joke. One thing led to another and shortly I typed, "12 Years A Slave Implant" as a film that had been made more "Eve". It struck me that this would be a perfect lazy Saturday hashtag and so I started tweeting ideas. Before long it gained momentum and even CCP Paradox got in on the action.

Twitter is so transient and these things are gone in a moment, but in order to preserve at least 'some' of the ideas I've decided to post them here for prosperity. Thanks to Omran DiMarco from ABA for putting this list together and pasting it into our Slack channel.


** From (Rixx's?) Twitter:
12 years a slave implant
Bridge of SPAIS
You've got an Eve mail
The Blob in the Belt 9
Tristan & Isolde: 1v1
The Short Erebus
Star Wars: Attack of the Jump Clones
There Will be Blood Raiders
Reign Omir Me
Raiders of the Lost Ark JF
Night of the Comet
Enemy at the Gate at Zero
Lawrence of Aridia
Deep in the Heart of Dodixie
Star Wars: The Force Recon Awakens
High Slot Noon
Running on Empty Lows
The Neutralizer (TV show)
The Tengu Commandments
Burn After Jumping
The Falcon Who Wasn't There
Remember Those Titans
Barbarians in the Frigate
AWOX in the Park
Basic X-instinct
The Ventures of Huckleberry Finn
Bill & Ted's Excellent Ventures
Rock Around the Undock
Lars and the Real Gila
The Gila with the Dragoon Too
Escape from New Caldari
Kill Rixx: Vol I
A Fistfull of ISK
Storknado: Off the Station
Dr.Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love to bomb Gates
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Jumps
Things to Do in Jita When You're Dead
The SPAI Who Knew Too Much
The Assassination of Jamyl Sarum by the Coward Vigilant Tyrannos
101 Damnations
Grid-fu Panda
Schindler's Blue List
The Seventh Sion
Reddit Dawn
Far from the Maddening Crow
Delve Monkeys
Sleepless in Suarjento
Dead Pods Society

** Others from ABA slack/twitter:
Prince of Placid:Sabre of Time
O Broadsword, Where Art Thou?
Gone with the ISK
The Good The Bad and the Caldari
Fly over a Cruor's Nest
A Jump Bridge Too Far
Fast Times at Reitsato High
Black Ops Down
The Wolf Of Jita Local
How to train your Dragoon
Planetary Interaction: A Love Story
Two and a Half Hictors
Lord of the Links
The Hunt for Red AFCloaky
National Goons: Lowsec Vacation
Crazy Little Frig Called Hound
Hot Drop Time Machine
Some Like It Hotdropped
City of Bob (by CCP Paradox?)
Die Hard in a Vengeance
The Gate Crashers
The Hounds of B-R5RB
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantasm Menace
Sleepless in Syndicate
Inglorious Bustards

** Other titles from ABA slack:
Warp Stabbed through the Heart
Frostier Than Thou
When Farmers Attack

There is even a Reddit thread on the subject if you are interested.

And you can discover even more at the hashtag, thanks to everyone that participated yesterday. There are so many more great ideas in the thread.