Joffy Aulx-Gao for CSM
Do eet!!
You can listen to the CSM Watch interview with Joffy Aulx-Gao here!

My name is Rixx Javix and I endorse this message. Why should you vote for Joffy? Let me share a small story about this young man. For the past several months we've been hard at work trying to find a way for Joffy to attend Fanfest in April. And when I say "we" I mean myself, my wife, Joffy, and just about everyone else we can get involved. You see, something as simple as flying to Iceland is not so simple for Joffy. It involves a HUGE commitment, an entourage of support, the removal of airline seats, special transportation, coordination, and the support of large multi-national corporations. I kid you not. It has been a challenging, time-consuming, and often frustrating process. And thru it all, every single day, this hard-headed, obstinate, courageous young man has never once given up hope. In my darkest days, and I've had more than a few lately, he remains my own inspiration. It isn't often in this community that we get to discover the true nature of those we play with, but I have discovered this about Joffy - he will fight and he will never give up. And that is enough for me.

To learn more about his campaign you can read this post. Or head over to the forums to show your support.

When it comes time to cast your vote for the next CSM, be sure to choose the one candidate that will never give up and will fight for you.

I will.


  1. Joffy is on my endorsement list for CSM XI o7

  2. He has my full support and been spreading the support to friends.

  3. Go Joffy, he has my vote. Awesome work getting him to FF!

  4. Good interview Joffy, on the CSM watch you have my vote.


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