Eve Cartoon Show

Frigate Fighters
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I've had this thought before, but a few weeks ago it came back. What would Eve look like as a kid's cartoon show, like one on Cartoon Network?  Its trickier than you might think, since we don't really have people in Eve. What we do have is spaceships and lots of them. Would it be possible to make the spaceships the characters? Hmmm.

So I thunk on it. I started sketching ideas in my head and then on paper. The Amarr idea is the one I started with, correctly thinking it would be the easiest. Lasers = Kids. Then it started getting trickier until I remembered that this entire project was bogus! Yeah, it wasn't real. So why worry. Let me give the Tristin drone powers, I'll make the Merlin a robot with a shield (lolz) and give the Rifter the power to fly. We can have an Astero wizard who turns blue in the middle when she is using her powers, and we need a big guy - so a Venture will work as our "Hulk". I'll even give him purple pants.

So there you have Team Empire. If I feel like it I may do a Team Shadow poster as well. That would be the bad guys, the Dramiel, Daredevil, Succubus... and who knows?

Either way, that was fun and I enjoyed making it.

Hope you like it.


  1. Just keep it away from CCP devs.

    You. Never. Know. XDDD


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