The Journey of Katia Sae

Check out this amazing video that chronicles the incredible journey of my good friend Katia Sae around all the 5,000+ systems of New Eden. Katia Sae is a character in the MMORPG game EVE Online. From 1-December-2009 to 9-March-2019 she visited all 7,805 systems that can be reached in all of New Eden including Known space and Wormhole space without losing a single ship earning a Guinness World Record. The accomplished was recognized by CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online, where they invited Katia to visit one of the Jovian systems, Polaris, the developers home system in game, not reachable by players/characters bringing the total number of systems visited to 7,806. CCP Games also honored the achievement in game with the "The Journey of Katia Sae" memorial, a monument of the character in their home system of Saisio in the Forge region, where the journey began.

During the making of this video Katia took my New Eden map into Illustrator and managed to accurately map all the star systems based on CCP's own database information. The original map was pretty accurate believe it or not, but this resulted in a new even better version of the New Eden Map. So that was awesome.

I also created the dramatic opening and closing video graphics. Which I was honored to do. Always glad to help in any way I can. I still remember the beginning of this journey and talking about the kinds of ships that would work well on the journey. Been a long road but it's great to finally see the finish line.

Anyway, I just wanted to highlight the video and share it.


  1. Thanks so much for promoting and it was all my honor getting a chance to work with you on both the journey and this video! Onwards and upwards!

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