On Saturday March 19th in Ouelletta between 16-22:00 we will be handing out thousands of FREE Fitted Frigates for everyone to fly! There is no registration, or sign-ups needed, all you need to do is show up in system and dock in one of our structures and ask for a ship! It is that easy. Last year's event broke ALL records for explosions in Low Security space and this year's event looks to be even bigger. CCP Devs will be there! There will be Capital ships to explode! Streamers streaming. Tons of chaos! And lots of surprises in store over SIX HOURS of Pew Pew.

Everyone is invited to attend. All Frigates are T1 fitted and suitable for all ages of players to fly. In addition we'll be seeding some special ships throughout the day that might require a more seasoned touch, but don't be worried - there is plenty to keep you busy. If you've never attended one of our FF4As in the past now is the perfect time. This is your chance to fly with hundreds of pilots in local, to experience the chaos, fun, and insanity of Pew Pew in as safe and controlled an environment as we can make it. So be sure to share this post with all of your friends and I hope to see you in space!

Now for the details.

Stay Frosty and A Band Apart, in conjunction with our friends, have built over 10,000 fully fitted frigates to hand out to any pilot that requests them in our structures in Letta. We choose to hand ships out in structures due to the tether and docking control to help avoid station camping. During the event our structures will be freeported so everyone can dock and request a free ship. One will be traded to you. There is no limit to how many times you can dock and ask for a ship.

You are free to bring your own ships. Yes, you can bring whatever you want to the event. Ouelletta has a HS system right next door and is conveniently located near several popular pipelines. Be aware that we recommend bringing expensive ships in early as we cannot guarantee gate control. ABA will be striving to provide security during the event, but let me tell you this now - with hundreds and hundreds of ships in the air - this event tends to provide its own security. 

Podding is strictly prohibited. While mistakes do happen we strongly encourage everyone to engage with the full spirit of the event and allow those that have lost ships to re-dock and re-ship so they can return to the event as quickly as possible. Those that pod will not be given free ships and will be hunted down in local.

Special events. If you or your group would like to coordinate a special event during the FF4A just let me know. Last year we had several specials show up including several Revelations, some Carriers, an Orca or two, and much more. We are totally open to these ideas and welcome them. They provide great content for everyone. 

It is difficult to explain just how much fun these events actually are. The best way is to experience them for yourself. So I hope to see you in space on March 19th and be sure to say Hello in local. Who knows, you might just be lucky enough to score a Pirate Lord killmark for your ship!

Fly safe!