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Over the years I have created a tremendous amount of Fan Art in service to the Eve Community. Alliances, services, products, events, wallpapers, pretty much anything you can imagine. Including working directly with CCP on several projects. As well as other projects for books and more - all in support of our love and passion for Eve Online.

Below you will find links to various projects over the years. I hope you enjoy.

An on-going series of hand-drawn illustrations and designs featuring every major spaceship from Eve Online. Many of these will be available to purchase through the Eve Store.

An on-going series of cards featuring personalities from Eve Online.

An on-going series of "blingy" HD Wallpapers featuring ships from Eve.

A growing collection of Wallpapers I've created for Eve Online.

The general collection of logos, banners, and more that I've created over the years.

A growing collection of my art over on DeviantArt

A collection of misc silliness that doesn't fit anywhere else.

This is my professional showcase portfolio

This is my YouTube channel, please subscribe

There are various ways to follow or contact me, here are some:


Twitter: @rixxjavix or @bryanward042

Skype: bryanward042

Facebook: If you like using Facebook you can like my former agency page here, which I keep updated on a regular basis.

INSTAGRAM - Rixx is now on Instagram!


  1. Great work, keep it up Rixx :)

    1. Thanks! I'm really having a lot of fun with these.

  2. Really great stuff so far. Use of shadow and color on the Skiff really make it pop!

  3. I've never flown a thorax - are they really that bent ??

  4. Not a massive fan of the Incursus print, but great work buddy.

  5. Where do I get the Vector image?
    When I hit "Save Graphic as...", it would safe it as jpeg. is that the vector graphic or only a "normal" picture?
    I'd like to know because I want to expand the image to fit on a approx. 60x150 poster for my wall...

  6. Would love to see a Nemesis :)

  7. Great posting to centralize your work!

    I got a certain former pirate to respond about their card :D

  8. How can I purchase a print now?

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