Stay Frosty Code

The Stay Frosty Code

I am a Stay Frosty pirate, daring and cunning, first and foremost.

My fellow Frostians and Alliance mates are my space family. I do not steal from or harm them knowingly in any way.

I am a lifelong learner. I seek the respect of other space-farers through mastery of the martial skills. Knowing that the fight may be over before it has begun, I seek to engage others only on my terms.

I earn my own ISK and buy my own ships and supplies. I may share from my abundance with other Frostians and Alliance pilots, and I may accept their largesse in turn. I split loot equitably with my fellow pilots, being especially gracious with those who have suffered material loss.

I appreciate the opportunity of flying with my Stay Frosty and Alliance comrades, thereby multiplying target opportunities. However, I do not need a gang to practice my nefarious profession, and hunt solo with ease.

I respect all my opponents, win, lose, or draw. I always volunteer a "good fight" I am free with my praise and advice with a receptive foe. I invite those with promise to consider becoming a proud member of Stay Frosty and A Band Apart.

I don't talk smack, or engage in hate speech. And I show respect to all those that play our game both in-game and out-of-game. My actions speak for themselves.

I wish to engage others only on my terms, and other pilots may be dishonorable. But as for me, should I ever accept a 1v1 or a duel, I shall honor it.

As a Stay Frosty/ABA pilot it is in my best interest and those of my fellow pilots to create and cultivate an environment that encourages good fights.

Although it may be convenient for me to let my target falsely assume he's safe from me, he may hold me to anything I actually do say; I keep my word.

TL;DR Version:
• I honor 1v1s
• I keep my word
• I don't shoot Blues
• I'm not a Dick