Tournament Videos

This page features as many of Stay Frosty and A Band Apart tournament videos as I can find. Here you'll find all our amazing victories and heart-breaking losses over the years in Eve Online tournament play. Enjoy! And if you find a video that is not collected here, please leave me a link in the comments and I'll get it added. Thanks.

I tried to get these in order, but there may be some mistakes.

NEO2 Day2 Match #29 - Stay Frosty vs Kids with Knives (March, 2014) - WIN

This is an epic fight and a great introduction from CCP Fozzie. The play-by-play team gets a few things wrong in this one however, as the Kids Geddon does have drones (believe me, he was using them against me). Sadly I did not bring enough cap charges to this fight and I'm trying to find some in the wreckage. Another 1 or 2 cap charges and my Mach would have lived. We still won.

NEO2 Day3 Match #37 - Stay Frosty vs Providence wisadrs (March, 2014) - LOSS

We got clobbered in this one.

NEO2 Day1 Match #9 - Gerodian vs Stay Frosty (March, 2014) - LOSS

And we also got clobbered in this one.

ATXIV - The Methodical Alliance vs A Band Apart (2016) - WIN

ATXIV - Shadow Cartel vs A Band Apart (2016) - WIN

And here is the SC fight with ABA comms

A Band Apart. VS Spectre Fleet Alliance | Alliance Tournament XIV (2016) - WIN


ATXIV A Band Apart Vs. Villore Accords (2016) - Loss


ATXIV A Band Apart Vs. Snuffed Out (2016) - WIN (No Audio)

A Band Apart. VS Phoebe Freeport Republic | Alliance Tournament XIV (2016) - LOSS

A Band Apart VS Hard Knocks Citizens (2017) - WIN

We Form V0lta VS A Band Apart (2017) - WIN


ATXVI - A Band Apart. vs Centipede Caliphate (2018) - WIN

A Band Apart. vs Test Alliance Please Ignore (2018) - LOSS (Russian Video)


AT Open 2020 - A Band Apart vs Lazerhawks (loss)

AT Open 2020 - A Band Apart vs Literally Triggered (WIN)

AT Open 2020 - A Band Apart vs No Vacancies (WIN)

AT Open 2020 - A Band Apart vs Brave Collective (LOSS)

A Band Apart Alliance Tournament History:
We are 11-16 overall


• G0dfathers LOSS (No video or score)

• Explicit Alliance LOSS (no video or score)


• Methodical Alliance WIN 100-3

• Shadow Cartel WIN 60-45

• Spectre Fleet WIN 81-36

• Villore Accords LOSS 44-100

• Snuffed Out WIN 100-15

• Phoebe Freeport LOSS 26-100


• Slyce WIN 

• Hard Knocks WIN 100-27

• We Form Volta WIN 80-54

• Lazerhawks LOSS 56-89

• Brave Collective LOSS 45-70


• Fraternity WIN

• Castabouts LOSS 0-94

• Centipede Caliphate WIN 100-1

• Test Alliance LOSS 0-100


• Lazerhawks LOSS 25-100

• Literally Triggered WIN 75-24

• No Vacancies WIN 100-34

• Brave Collective LOSS 16-100


• We Form Volta LOSS 0-100

• Fraternity LOSS 15-100


• Platinum Sensitivity LOSS 0-100

• Pandemic Legion LOSS 0-100


• Goonswarm LOSS 

• Pandemic Horde LOSS