CSM and CCP Meeting: Thoughts

You can read the Dev Blog and the minutes for yourselves, I thought I'd share some of my own thoughts regarding some of the issues brought up during the meeting.  And no, I don't have a single bit of inside knowledge to share with you.  Only my personal thoughts, opinions and wild-speculations.  I do promise to stay away from issues that I know nothing about.  I think you'll agree, that's all we need is yet another uniformed opinion.

I like to scroll all the way through the minutes down to "Various Issues" and see what's cooking.  This is always more fun.  Ahh, a Battle Recorder!  Now that would be awesome wouldn't it?  If you could review your battle after it was over?  CCP seems to already have something like that up and running in their offices, maybe they'll share it with the rest of us someday?  Don't hold your breath.

Looks like self-destructing your ship to avoid the bad guys getting a kill mail might be a thing of the past.  CCP is looking into the possibility that the last person to shoot such a ship would still get a kill mail.  Huh.  If you're gonna do that you might as well give everyone who shot the ship a kill mail.  Only fair.

Black Ops ships might be useless. Duh.  The return on investment is marginal at best, Black Ops needs some love and attention.  Just a little.  Tweak.  Nudge.

The same with Destroyers.  Does anyone really fly these things after awhile?  I tried bringing out a T2 fitted Catalyst awhile back, which has some pretty cool features and even managed to make some kills with it, but its a toy.  For fun.

Oh the Docking Game.  Lol, well like everyone that hunts other pilots for a living, I am of two minds on this issue.  It has always been retarded to me that you can't have access to an overview when you are docked in the station.  Is this science-fiction or not?  Imagine getting into the Captain's chair of your shiny new Apoc and asking Scotty, "So, what's it look like out there?"  And Scotty, the 'ol Docking Manager, can only shake his head and wonder.  Cause he doesn't know!  On the other hand, I might be sitting out there just waiting for that shiny new Apoc to undock so I can keeel it.   Sheesh, talk about a puzzler.  It's made my puzzler sore.

Suicide Ganking?  Let's not change the insurance ok?  Heck, sometimes, this is the only way to make some isk when you really need it.

Corporation Bookmarks!  Hell yes, I am all for that.  Another duh.

Pardon the Rant

The rest was mostly the usual-usual, we want more power and longer-terms, waaaah CCP doesn't talk to us enough, where'd all that Haiti isk go?, CCP don't read petitions before answering the petitions (especially when they are from Rixx Javix, a complicated and compassionate player!), Dominion made things really hard and not enough noobs are in Zero Space.  Heck I'm all for more noobs in zero!  Bring 'em on.  Fleet fights make the servers wonky, tell me about that one!!  I lost more ships than I care to count to wonky servers and they didn't read my petition either.  Changes to the Alliance Tournament actually sound like good changes to the Alliance Tournament.  Apparently a lot of people are ripping off other people in the game.  Really?  I'm shocked.  More and better rats in zero?  That'll get those noobs down there so I can k... talk to them.  Some guns are better than others, did you know that?  And not word one about missiles, which granted are not guns, but that seriously need some love too.  Ah, CCP comes up with some great ideas and then never actually does anything with them?  Sounds like my life.

If the above sounds like I don't like CCP or the CSM you are sadly mistaken.  I do like 'em.  I like 'em so much that I want them to do a great job.  I want Eve to be perfect, fun and make sense.  I'd also like it to continue being beautiful, engaging and challenging.  Please.


  1. Missiles need love? Try rockets. They need some serious loving.

  2. Oh yes, they do indeed. When I said "missiles" I meant to include rockets of course. My poor crow needs some love.


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