Give 'em Both Barrels

I'd like to take a moment and say thank you to all our veterans, both past and present, for their sacrifice and dedication to the cause they fight for.  None of us would be able to enjoy the freedom represented in playing a global Internet spaceship game if it hadn't been for them and what they have given.  I know that might sound trite, but consider our history and the conflicts that have defined us as a people.  And I speak of all nations, all of us as a global community.  Keep politics out of it for just a moment, and consider the person and what they have given.  In far too many cases, they have given the ultimate sacrifice.  It is Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. and I say thank you to all veterans.  You will never be forgotten.


I thought I'd share with you another of the propaganda posters I did for LFA.  I found it amazing that a large Alliance would often find itself divided between industry and combat, the "carebear" and the "PvPer".  In my mind both are equally important to the success of an Alliance.  Now, that isn't to say that all pilots don't share a responsibility for the common defense.  Even a low ranking industrial pilot can pick up a shovel and stand in a gate camp.

But I thought a poster that united those two parties in spirit might be useful.  And this is the result.

Click here for the original size

Later today I'll be back with this week's 1v1 and some thoughts to keep you over the weekend.  I'll be away from computers and Eve for a few days, so you'll be on your own this weekend.  I expect to find the blog in the condition I left it in and please pick up after yourself.  There is plenty of cold beer in the fridge and I just had the pool cleaned.  Pay no attention to the Sorority girls next door, they're all mine.