Deep Breath

This is a deep breath post.  It is a shrug of the shoulders and a stare into infinity.  It's a get your cowboy on and saddle up to the bar, prepare for the showdown and grab a wench post.  This is a stump speech about how the Zombie hordes can't win, cause they have no soul.  This is firing the warp-drive and diving into the reptilian armada to save the Terran evacuation.  Bracing the spear against the tree so it doesn't break when plunged into the Mastodon's throat.  That kind of post.

Cause things have been trying my friends.  Trying to stomp me into the ground.  Smash my face in and leave me broken and bleeding.  Making me work ungodly hours for the last two weeks, keeping me away from Eve.  But they won't win. They can't win.  Even though "they" are impossible to stop, they keep coming despite my efforts to abate their machinations.  They are the immovable force, the slow but steady progression of fate, time and inevitable doom.  Otherwise known as real life responsibilities.

Argh!  Speaking it gives it power!  The rustle of chaos and the springing forth of armageddon, as sure as that asteroid shifting orbit and spiraling towards the third planet from the sun.  Do you feel it?  No, of course not, we share no common consciousness, no universal gestalt, no force that ties and binds us.  We share commonalities surely, being human and of the same Earth.  But do we share more?  Through words, banter and shared virtual experiences?  I like to think so, and so thinking share more beyond mere gaming.  Through words we share soul fire and demon spawned ideas of powerful origins.  We shatter the shard of the core, together we bring justice to a dark and evil universe.

And we speak forth the coming of the sigh.  The time to breath deeply of the atmosphere and engage the renewal that rotational seasons bring.  Ahh, Summer.

I broke my promise today.  I've written a blog post on a day I haven't played Eve.

To even the hand of fate, I've written about nothing.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Bits of it are true.

The rest fantasy.