Postcards from Rixx: Day Five

Dear Reader,

A quick note while we have a break in the action.  Ana and I have been up all night and it has been a harrowing journey. Our Atmo Shuttle was shot down before we could reach our destination late last night, the kidnappers must have known we were coming somehow.  We survived and managed to salvage enough from the wreck to fully arm ourselves.  The trek to the village took longer than we expected but we arrived before dawn.

I say "village" in the broadest terms, it was really more of a single building surrounded by empty homes.  This area had only recently been condemned due to a rogue Extractor incident and no one had been allowed to return to their homes yet.  It made it one of the few places on Caldari Prime that was empty enough to hide in, but it made it extremely difficult for us to determine where the kidnappers might be holding the children.

We shouldn't have worried, they found us soon enough.  Twelve of them came out us, they must be using infrared sensors, our shields were lost in the crash, and they could see us just fine in the low light of dawn.  I have to give it to Ana, she is much better at this gravity fighting than I am.  Without her at my side I don't think I could've handled twelve of them.  We wanted at least one alive and we got him.  Noir.  That's who they are.  But who is paying them?  Damn Merc was good and died with that knowledge still in his head.

But at least we know what we're up against.  And to think I was accepted into their Corporation on more than one occasion. Ana gave me a look and I knew she was thinking the same thing.  But I doubt that had anything to do with it.

We heard the shuttle before we saw it.  They were moving the children.  At least it was another Atmo Shuttle and they weren't trying to get them off-planet.  Not yet.

Now where in Hell are they taking them?  And who is behind this?  I'm determined to find the answers or die trying.

Keep the courage,
Rixx Javix