The FF4A is Coming!


NOTE: Feel free to steal the graphic above and use it to help promote the event on your Discord. It is even sized to be used as a Discord Event Banner if you'd like.

On Saturday April 20th in Ouelletta we will be hosting the 10th Annual Frigate Free For All and YOU are invited to participate. We've recently moved over 10,000 Fully Fitted Frigates into each of our three NPC stations - all of them ready and waiting to be handed out in a frantic, insane 6 hours of madness. 

Why do we do this to ourselves every year? The answer is simple - to give everyone the opportunity to experience the thrill of Eve Online PvP, large scale battles, 1v1s in space, and insane chances to get in on some crazy kills you might never see in space again. Over the years this event has seen Dreads exploded, Marshals vanquished, Carriers removed, Orcas scream for help and thousands upon thousands of Frigates, Destroyers, and much more reduced to ash. All in as safe and easy an environment as we can create inside of this universe. 

All you have to do is show up, dock up, grab a free ship, and then undock and enjoy! And you can do that as many times as you like. If you are coming for the first time, let me share some advice:

• When you arrive, set your medical clone to station. We discourage podding, but accidents happen.

• When you do undock, warp off somewhere. Some of the best fights are happening at the Sun, or a belt, or off in space somewhere. Don't get trapped on the station if you can avoid it.

• If you are worried about sec status, turn your activity green and only shoot those that shoot you. It will help. And don't shoot pods! That will really help.

• We also discourage the use of bursts, smartbombs, and edencom ships in general. Feel free to report violations in local. Nothing works better than a thousand Frigates that are angry about something.

• If you want to bring something special, like a Dread or a Carrier, feel free. I appreciate knowing about it ahead of time, but that isn't necessary. You'll get noticed in local. Feeding a ship is a lot of fun and you'll get a fair amount of kills for your effort. But again, try not to fit smartbombs or ecm. Or bring an Apostle along to help you survive. No one appreciates that kind of attitude. This is supposed to be fun.

And that is really the big rule here - have fun. Every year we break our own records over and over again and I think this year has the potential to be the biggest one ever! So I hope to see you there in space with us. I'm sure there will be plenty of CCP Devs in local, famous streamers, and more players you recognize. And yes, I will be there letting you shoot me!

Be sure to share this post with your Corp and Alliance and help us spread the word.

Onward & Upward.