11 Days Later...

In almost two years of playing Eve that is the single longest amount of time I have been away from the game.  I just got back from vacation, which I spent in a place without an internet connection (gasp!) or much in the way of a phone connection either.  That last bit was a tad unexpected and caused some problems for me, but my personal Corp had a great time and it's good to be back.

As readers of Eveoganda know already, I just moved in-game from RAGE back down to Scalding Pass right before I went away.  It was a huge effort moving that quickly and making sure everything was in place before I left.  Now here is the funny bit, while I was away and without Internet connection... DION moved again!!  That's right true believers, the entire Corp packed up and moved way up the heck in a completely different direction and place on the map.  Gulp.

I don't have many details to share with you yet, suffice to say my stuffs have been carefully tended to while I was away.  At least that's what I was told.  I haven't logged in yet.  Yes, that's right, I wrote in the blog before logging in to Eve.  See how much I love you?

I have a mountain of things to deal with, emails, commissions, in-game catching up - when I left we were in one Alliance and now we're in something completely different.

11 days.  Doesn't seem like much, but so much can happen.  Nothing left to do but dive right in.

Be back later.