2 Years Old Today!!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!  Today Rixx Javix marks his 2nd Birthday since becoming a Capsuleer!  I wonder if Anniversary wouldn't be more appropriate?  I'm undecided to be honest.  Rixx the character is obviously much older than two (Even though some would argue that his player is mentally two, the fact remains he is physically much older than that.) but I did start playing Rixx exactly two years ago today.  So whatever that is, it seems worthy of a mention.

So Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Graduation day to Rixx Javix!

So how is Rixx doing two years after becoming an immortal pilot?  Right now I'm torn to be honest, for one thing I'm not comfortable with these types of retrospective questions, they always make me feel caught and trapped.  I mean how do you answer something like that subjectively, should you even try?  Maybe I should try.  Let's see where that gets us.

Rixx just passed 31m skill points, right now he is training up to Amarr Cruiser V and associated laser shooting skills.  This is happening about six months earlier than planned because the Alliance asked us to train to fly a Zealot.  Which brings up something about the way I've evolved my playing of Rixx over the past two years.  My play "attitude" (which is what I call it) is that of a Soldier, but not a jarhead soldier, more of a French Foreign Legion type.  He'll do the soldier type, the loyalty, following orders bit as long as it serves his own self-interests.  If the Alliance wants him to train to fly a Zealot and that falls within the confines of those interests (Which boil down to shooting other ships mostly.) then he'll do it.  That's been the play "attitude" I've been happy with.  It has led down some wrong paths in those two years, but it has also seen Rixx participate in some huge sandbox events and turning points in Eve, so it hasn't been all bad.

As of today Rixx is 579-183 on BattleClinic.  I've said it before but killboard stats don't mean much to me, although at the same time I would prefer they be good.  My job is killing the enemy after all.  A long time ago I realized two important things about my own killboard stats.  One, I don't play nearly enough to really rack up the numbers and there is nothing that is going to change about that.  And two, I am far to aggressive and risk-taking to make them look better than they are.  I know other pilots who excel at one or both of those things and their kb stats are far better than mine will ever be.  So be it.  My own criteria is 75% or better kills vs. losses, and right now I stand at 75.98% which is ok but not great.  We are at war at the moment and wars always bring my stats down.  No biggie.

All that being said, I still feel trapped a bit by the look back.  I've talked a lot in this blog about the past and history is important, but I'd rather look ahead.  I feel that Rixx is improving, he is flying better and better ships with better skills behind them, not just in-game but out of game as well.  As a player I am getting better every day, but there are plenty of places I can get better.  Yesterday I had a cyno drop right on top of me, which should not have happened.

Always more room for improvement.

I wonder what the next two years will bring?  I hope they bring more stability than the last two.  I hope they bring more opportunity for having fun in-game, of flying with my Corp mates in small to medium sized gangs, less war and battles over sov, more cool ships to fly and more nasty reds to shoot.

Mostly though, I hope this crazy game stays fun to play.