Being A Hero Pilot

You might not know this about me, but I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.  Oh yeah, it's true.  I believe in true love, daring adventure and the moral ideals of chivalry and charity.  But in a manly Knight of the Round Table, WWI Flying Ace, Astronaut, Pulp Sci-fi, Rocketeer, Man of Destiny kind of way... you know what I mean.

But is there room in Eve for these sorts of things, these mushy do-gooder ideas?  Ok the answer to that is simple... no!*

So, is there room for chivalry and charity then?  For romance?  Not love romance, but the kind of romance of the skies, the soaring wings amongst the clouds, barnstormer romance?  Also, sadly, no.*

What are we left with then?  Well that is totally up to you as the player and pilot.  (*Hence the "no" answers above.) Eve doesn't give you any of the above, all it does is present a blank canvas onto which you have to paint your own idea of the world you want to live in.  You can choose to accept the presented world and go down the path of the Role Player, or you can pretty much make up anything else you want.  Pirate, Scoundrel, Miner, Builder, whatever floats your boat.

For me, I've chosen what I like to call the "Hero Pilot" plot line.  I made it up, so I can call it whatever I want.  So what exactly constitutes a "hero" pilot in Eve?  I don't know, all I can tell you is what I think it means and how it affects how I play the game. Or how I choose to play the game.

A Hero pilot doesn't sit in the station, spinning his ship, waiting for something to happen.  A Hero pilot makes things happen, he is aware of the strategic and tactical situation at all times and is prepared to do whatever he can to further the cause of Corp and Alliance in those arenas.  A Hero pilot serves his mates first, his Corporation second and his Alliance third.  The cause of the warrior is first and foremost his, the code of honor and of conduct becoming a Hero pilot.  No matter the odds he rushes to the aid of his mates, even at his own peril.  He honors 1v1 requests, but only as long as the enemy does as well.  His word is his bond, for he knows that without that he is nothing.  He will sacrifice his own desires for those of his mates and his Corp, training skills he might not have otherwise, because it is needed.

In my specific case, this means above all that I hone myself into the best killer I can be.  I am the instrument of the strategy, the point of the sword, the front-line.  And to be effective at that job, I need to train, practice and destroy my enemies.  I need to understand game mechanics and how best to use them to my advantage, I need to be aware of the situation around me, the capabilities of my own ships and those I may face in battle.  I need to be a leader, a teacher (because the better those around me are, the better I am.) and most of all, a warrior that can be depended upon.

As a noob I believed that morals played a part in being a Hero pilot.  This was partly due to being involved in an environment of NRDS in Providence.  I've since learned that the only morals in the game are the ones I bring to the table.  The game itself has none.  I realized over time that even Pirates can be Hero pilots, in fact many are, and that the game plays out its own form of ultimate justice.  Only the strong survive.

Ultimately I will become a "Hero" pilot by surviving long enough to kill my enemies.  And have a blast doing it.