The Big Move

As I write this we haven't told the Alliance yet, but I'm holding off on publishing it until we do.  We are moving out of the Spire Alliance and into a new Alliance.  Which one and where we are going has to remain a secret until at least Tuesday.  Maybe sooner depending on how things go.

Just so you know I am very excited about this move.  And while it has been just as annoying, boring and time-consuming as all the other moves... that excitement has kept me from losing my mind.

Moving to the Drone Regions was a spur of the moment decision made in an emergency, and while none of us were incredibly happy about it at the time, we did try to make it work.  But many factors led to the decision to leave.  The last straw was the internal collapse and political turmoil of the last two weeks, but that wasn't the only factor.  Suffice to say, when no one else wants your space, your space can get rather boring and dull.  And boring and dull doesn't lend itself well to Eve, to your fellow Corp mates, or anything else for that matter.  I can appreciate the fact that some people might like it, might be able to make a go with it and be successful.  I do appreciate that.  And really, honestly, I wish everyone in the Spire Collective only the best.  I just hope I never have reason to visit there again.

Onward and upward.  During the last week I've been doing little but moving, or helping to move.  At first this was just focused on expensive assets, moving some ships and supplies out to nearby low-sec.  But as the week went on it became obvious that it might head in a more permanent direction.  So I personally made the decision to evacuate all of my assets into low-sec, organize everything and start doing the usual usual, stripping some ships and selling others.  At this point, I've moved so many times, I can almost do this stuff blind with one arm behind my back.

Along the way the Corp started voting on our decision, debating our options on the forum and figuring out what was best for us and our plans for the future.  As a Corp we have some very aggressive plans for the near and far future, which is why we've been recruiting lately, and we need to find a good situation that fits into those plans.  That isn't as easy as it sounds in the Universe today.  But I think we've managed to find a solid answer to those challenges, time will tell of course, but I am more confident now than I've been in a long time.

Anyway, I have a lot more truck driving to do.  More later.