Finding Treasure

After the lead balloon poetry post of yesterday, I figure you all deserve something with more meat on its bones.

With the war for Impass winding down, but not officially over, there has arisen a new and interesting side venture during our roams.  I know others that have done this before, so it isn't new in that sense, but it is new to me.  Or somewhat new, or less rare, however you want to say it.  Sheesh, you can be so picky about language.  Along our roams we've been finding more and more dead POS towers.  This makes sense when you consider how quickly -A- has had to leave the region, someone isn't being very responsible with Corp assets.

Yesterday during a chase of some reds we found another one right next door to one of our new station systems.  This one was a large Domination control tower with some juicy POS Mods still around.  Including a Corporate Hanger Array.  At this point I have to give a solid shout-out to Eradicator44 (our Corp Deputy CEO) who has, really since our time in The Spire, become extremely good at sniffing these things out.  He did so again and we started the relatively quick work of blowing stuff up.  The Hanger Array popped and dropped about eight fully-fitted ships!  2x Drakes, a Falcon, Badger MK II, and assorted others, most of which were usable.  We exploded the Ibis and the Magnate.  By this time more Corp m8s had arrived and we started taking the ships to station.  I claimed the Falcon for myself, cause as everyone knows - the best falcon is a free falcon.

Speaking of new station systems, we have a lot more now.  The upside is tremendous of course, but the downside is the need to relocate the majority of my PvP assets, which are now located in the wrong system.  So I'm doing that slowly.  It takes time to move 30 odd ships 6 jumps!  Not to mention mods and ammo.  I barely escaped a Rapier pointing my Mega on one gate, turned out the guy was chicken anyway.  But I did have one fortunate timing event, I undocked just as a red Drake arrived on station and we popped him rather quickly.  Total whore kill on my part, but the way my luck has been running lately I'll take anything I can get.  I have no shame.

But it does seem that the bad luck and bad timing phase is slowly ending again.  Who knows for sure though?  I'll just have to undock and see...