My New Shiney Phantasm

If long-time readers of this blog haven't discovered this yet, let me clue you in - I'm a bit of a nut.  I am functionally insane, in other words I'm stark raving mad, but I can operate in normal society.  Mostly.  This mental gift (and it is indeed a gift) has caused me to "go nuts" over many things in my life.  Writing, Art, my Family, my Job, these are all things that I am nuts about.  I am also crazy about other things, like good Science-Fiction, movies, video games, and spaceships - among other things.  The idea of a starship with knives on it drives me crazy, in a good way!

That whole "being crazy" bit was just an interesting way to get you to read this post... trust me.  The point is that I am currently training my last remaining race - Amarr.  Which means Lasers.  Which means new ships and new things to learn.  But it also means new opportunities.  It wasn't long before I realized I could now fly a Phantasm!  So my very first laser ship is the shiney new Phantasm sitting in my hanger.

This thing is a bit of a beast.  I've been fiddling with the basic fit this morning, one version had the EHP up over 40k with very good resists.  But I eventually decided to drop one of the Invulnerability Fields for a Cap Booster.  I could drop a damage mod in the lows for a RC or something, but I don't want to give up tracking or dps.  Again I don't use EFT (Mostly cause it doesn't run well on my Mac) but here is the fit I've decided on for now:

3x Heavy Pulse Laser II
(I have Imperial Navy Multis in now, with Scorch in the Hold.  The Multis give me an optimal of 7,500/4,800 fall off, the Scorch gives me an optimal of around 27k, I don't remember the fall off.)

2x F-59 Regolith Shield Induction
( These are Meta 4 versions of the LSE II, they give slightly less on sig radius and almost as much protection 2,250 compared to 2,625 from the LSE II.  With the Cruiser size of this thing I'll take the lower sig radius over the marginal gain in EHP)

1x Warp Disruptor II (Duh)
1x Invul Field II
1x Small Cap Booster II (Loaded with 100s)
1x Y-T9 Overcharged Microwarpdrive (Which gives me about 1,600 m/s not overheated)

1x Damage Control II
2x Heat Sink II

1x Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer
2x Medium Core Defense Field Extenders

3x Warrior II

Obviously I'm not planning on flying this around zero space much, especially when we are at war.  So I also fitted up a Harbinger so I'd have something with lasers on it that I can fly more often.  This is a fun toy with knives on it.  Like my Cynabal, my Daredevil, my Dramiel, my Firetail and the others like it, you have to pick your moments.  But, having said that, you also can't be afraid to undock them either.  I don't want to own anything I'm afraid to fly.  What would be the point?

PS: The semi-finalists of the 'Create a Starship' contest have been announced.  Yours truly was not among them, which is fine.  I didn't have the time I needed to dedicate to the contest and the semi-finalists all seem ok to me.  Judge for yourself.