oh, zero space
or null, as may be the case
you do tempt me so
between your stars
i must surely go

your sov warfare
and solo fights so rare
you keep my BS warm
and your gate camps
they do so angrily swarm

oh, zero
each win dreams of hero
while each blob
shatters that dream
and causes me to sob

darkness calls
as another alliance falls
ihubs go down
but most systems
remain a ghost town

oh, zero please
you've got me on my knees
and no i do not swallow
like the greeks of old
in the temple of apollo

they say you are a sandbox
and that idea rocks
but the sand is full of poo
and your pvp mechanics
are seriously askew

oh, small gangs
on them the future hangs
but bubbles and bridges
are salty and bad for you
like those chips with ridges

is there no hope?
like an addict without dope
no I say, no way!
ccp will get its act together
surely they will, some day

soon we walk in stations
with all of their temptations
our ships will gather dust
our fighting skills turning red
not with blood, but with rust

oh, zero space, zero space
what an interesting place
your timers still they run
but where oh where
is all the fun?

it's here i found it
and this i do submit
undock your goddamn ship
stop your spinning
and fight, c'mon take a sip

its up to you oh, pilot killer
start being more than filler
quit your crying and your tears
before this space we love
finally disappears

oh, zero space
it's you i do embrace
and now this thing is done
btw can PL
stop being a hired gun

Thanks to Rhyme Zone, without which this would have taken much, much longer than the (edit) time it actually did take.
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