Break for Turkey

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For the next few days I will be enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday with my family, eating way to much food and sitting around on the couch with my belt unbuckled watching American football. Needless to say I won't be writing in the blog or playing much Eve during this lethargic over end-indulgent American festive thing we do.

Eating is only part of it however, we are also supposed to pause to consider those things for which we are thankful.  In that spirit, here are some of the things I am thankful for in Eve.

I am thankful for:

> My Corp m8s!  They are awesome and DION is the bestest darn group of people in Eve.  Especially Unity Love.

> My readers!  WoOt. They are simply the brightest bunch of blog readers on the interwebs.  Thanks guys for stopping by and hanging out and commenting and stuffs. And to those of you that say "Hi" in local, thanks!  Especially those on the enemy side that give me intel, much appreciated.  Shhhh.

> Providence.  For some stupid reason this region keeps calling me back again and again, having just docked back in station there again yesterday it felt good to be back home.

> Ammo.  Without it you just can't kill people.  Although, I am flying a Curse now, so we'll see how going Ammoless works.

> Bookmarks.  Without them I'd be dead a lot more often than I should be.  Having said that, it appears that you can never have enough of the damn things.

> My Ship Crew!  I've killed them an awful lot and they keep coming back for more, god bless 'em.  Especially Dominic the cranky old mechanic who keeps my warp engine tuned.  

> Reds.  I hate 'em but without 'em the game would be a lot less interesting.  Send moar!  Especially the young and noobish!

> CCP.  C'mon, let's give them some love, they did invent the darn thing.  Although, add another "C" and they could be an evil oppressive Communist super-power, which does give me pause from time to time. (RJ shows his age with an ill-timed Cold War themed reference that the kids won't get.)

> EVE!  In the end I am thankful for this slow-burn evil bitch that destroys hours and hours of my life and keeps me addicted to an immersive virtual experience that has zero reference to the real world and yet often feels more vibrant and relevant then the explosive hate filled reality I am forced to watch outside my window.  Shucks, I do love me some Eve.

To all of you that are also enjoying your Thanksgiving Holiday, I wish you the very best with your friends and family.

Keep the courage and see you back here soon.