Catch Up

If you haven't yet, take a moment to read the previous post and come on The Hunt For Rixx Javix on Wednesday!  I'll be hanging out looking for a fight and whoever gets me also gets 300m ISK!  How can you beat that deal?  You can't, so stop crying in your cereal!  For goodness sake, you are a disgrace to your parents.  Sheesh.

A few words to all those that are awaiting Commissions.  I apologize, I have been very, very busy lately - but you are not forgotten.  Rixx will not be accepting any more commissions between now and the new year and will be working very hard to get everything cleaned up and back on schedule between now and then.  So if you are waiting I appreciate your patience and will be with you shortly.  Real life punched me in the mouth about a month ago and I've been working on getting things back on track ever since.  We're getting there.

I agree with Kirith, where is Incursion?!  If I'm not mistaken the calender says it's November and we don't even have an official release date yet?  That seems very, very strange.  The valley of silence from CCP on this the past few weeks has been odd.  I echo his thoughts though, if you guys need more time or something that's cool, just let us know.  So we don't think the worst y'know?  Cause we will.  Just mentioning it here has started my brain going... I'm starting to think the worst now.  Yikes.

I also want to recommend a blog that I just found the other day, it's called Hallo, Can I Violence UR Boat?  and I find it absolutely hysterical.  When I discovered it I devoured every single post in one sitting, smiling and laughing to myself the entire time.  While the style of writing takes some getting used to, it remains consistent (which is a credit to the writer, that isn't easy) and provides a unique and entertaining perspective on life in Eve.  I found the urban slang style, mixed with some seriously messed up "justice league" type comics language, warped enough to keep me coming back for more.  I've added the blog to my right side-bar list, which means it is now on my reading list.  Highly recommended.

I'll be back later with something or other.  Probably horribly entertaining and mind blowing. The usual.