The Hunt for Rixx Javix: Prep

Tomorrow is the day I am hunted down like an animal and exploded... or at least tomorrow is the day someone will try to hunt me down like an animal and explode me.  Trying is not doing.  If they do, they win 300m ISK.  If you need details about this insanity please read the post about it down there somewhere, I'm too lazy to link it.  It's only a few down and it has the cool poster art on it also.

So I drove my Dramiel 40 some jumps through enemy territory (without a single encounter btw, so sad) and plopped myself down in Hi-Sec to buy and outfit my new soon to be exploded Cane.  I'm not taking it easy on you and I plan to outfit the doomed ship as well as I can.  I'm not an idiot though, so probably not a lot of faction mods or anything super expensive.  I know you people will only loot my wreck and whatnot.

I would expect much taunting and drivel in local however, so I hope this turns out to be fun at least.  It is kind of a crazy idea, but never let it be said that ever stopped me!  If it does turn out to be fun I suspect I'll do it again, so don't let me down people.

Until then, I'll have my wrench out working on my new Hurricane.  You can't just buy these ships and undock, they need a ton of work.  Minmatar y'know.