Roamin' Low

While things get sorted and we finalize all the stuff that needs finalized and whatnot, I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a roam out last night.  You have to understand just how much I love roaming around Eve with a small group of guys, hunting bad guys and generally having a good time.  To me it is the purest essence of this game and is the thing I enjoy most about it.  There are other things I enjoy about Eve, but without small roaming gangs - if suddenly they stopped happening - I'd probably do something else.

And for the past three months roaming has been virtually impossible.  Oh sure we tried a few times, even managed to get some good kills, but more often than not we got blobbed.  When you are running with 6-12 m8s, a 40 man red gang is the anti-christ of fun.  Heck, even before the last three months back when we were in The Spire, roaming was difficult.  Which is the whole entire reason we went to Providence again.  Damn karma circles!!  lol.

So we started out in a low-sec area near our staging systems in low-sec.  This area is one in which I haven't often flown and from the map stats it didn't look very active.  And it wasn't.  Mostly empty station or POS huggers that had no interest in a fight. Most of our Corp ships are in transit at the moment, in fact the only ship I have access to is my Pilgrim.  So I brought it and we also had 2 Falcons, a Sacrilege, a Taranis, a Cerberus and later on a Vagabond caught up.  One of our Falcons had probes fitted, so that also came in very handy.

The roam was casual and we had a good time.  Even though we only managed one Cane kill.  We had fun and honestly that was and is the most important part.  It continues to befuddle me why low-sec pilots aggro you on gates, but they continue to do so.  On several occasions we exploited that, in one case I told one of our Falcon pilots to yellow-box 2 Wolves on the gate with us.  Apparently it was too much for one of them and he barely got one shot off before the gate killed him.  All I could do was shake my head.  It was how we managed to kill the Cane.  I left the Sac pilot on the other side of a gate while we hunted a few guys next door.  Sure enough 2 Hurricanes landed on the gate with him and yellow-boxed him.  We all warped back to zero on the other side and waited, would these guys be stupid enough to engage?  Yeah, they did.  We all jumped in just as one of the Cane's warped off, but we caught his buddy and exploded him.  Poof.

We finally got so bored we decided to head to Amamake.  As the FC I was determined to get us into a fight, but I was as equally determined not to get us all killed for no reason.  So we waited on the other side of the gate while our Falcon tried to pinpoint some schumck out by himself.  He did manage to find a Proteus and Cane having a friendly fight at a planet, so I ordered the Ranis to jump in and tackle the Proteus.  Sadly they both warped off while he was in warp.  Local jumped up to about 70 from the 26 when we arrived, and despite warping around trying to get someone to tackle either me or the Ranis, nothing happened.  So we decided to dock up and try again later.

I've said it before, I'm not built for low-sec.  I much prefer zero space, or at least the borders of zero and low - the Danger Zones if you will.  I like being able to shoot anyone not blue to me, I much, much prefer the gate mechanics in zero as opposed to low, and I hate, hate, hate that 15 minute aggression thing you have to deal with in low-sec.  Ugh.  But I do not bash low-sec, I enjoy it as well.  Honestly, other than a few things, it isn't broken or anything.  I like to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

And to all of you that continue to say Hi to me in local, thanks for reading.