I Quit

It has come to this.  I never would have believed it in a million, jillion years, but it has finally come to this. 

I quit.

Frankly I can't take it anymore.  The pressure is just too much.  The lack of good-fights, the trolling, the emo-raging, the juvenile need for desperate attention, the constant bickering, the fail fits, the blobs, the cowardly running away when you have odds in your favor, the... and that's just my family!  I haven't even gotten around to Eve yet.

I know, I know.  We've shared a lot here on this blog and you probably came to count on my almost daily rants, raves and general shenanigans, but seriously - how long could anyone be expected to keep it up?  Even four hours and you need to see a Doctor!

Seriously though, Eve is a bitch.  A mindless evil bitch that sucks you dry and leaves you empty.  Heartless and cruel, the kind of experience that only the heartless and cruel could really love and enjoy.  Gosh knows, I'm not heartless and cruel.  Oh sure, I tried to be, I tried to be a Pirate and watched as my sec status dropped lower and lower.  But all that did was make it impossible to get into high security space and nearly impossible to fit my ships.  The amount of frustration mounted almost daily.  And low-sec?  C'mon, have you been in low sec lately?  Do I even need to say more?

Oh sure the guys in Lucifer's Hammer are awesome experienced and dedicated killers, and we continue to rocket up the rankings on BattleClinic (in just two months almost to 3,500!!), but I was just fooling myself into believing I could be a part of that somehow.  Not with losses like this one.  Even with a few great kills like this, the pressure to keep up with my m8s was just too much.  And I don't even wanna get into the pressures of being in Rote Kappelle, I mean, my God!  They are so tough and demanding, perfection!?!  Pfft.

Then, oh and then, pile onto that the on-going commissions and the pressures to provide quality, affordable and professionally designed artwork to the great people in our community!?  Sheesh, it's almost like I was asking for burn-out.  And I didn't even mention Richie from EON, my god that man is a task-master!

Seriously?  Can anyone blame me for finally reaching my limit?  When something you love becomes something you hate, what choice are you left with?  I think we all know the answer to that one.

And so, I quit.  Goodbye cruel world, it's over.  Walk on by.

Now, what day is it again?