The 2nd Death Race has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  All donations and registration fees will be returned during the next few days.

It simply isn't worth the amount of effort, dedication and commitment it takes to put on the event if only 20 people in all of Eve are interested in participating.  You may not realize the amount of work it was going to take our Corporation and our Alliance to stage this event, the amount of behind-the-scenes actions it takes to stage cloaked ships along the route, the planning it was taking to establish the "Bath of Blood", not to mention other efforts.  It just isn't worth the time and energy.

I blame myself.  The last few weeks have been killer for me personally and I haven't been able to dedicate the amount of effort needed to ensure proper public relations, sponsorships and other efforts that this type of event needs.  I was hoping the success of the first event and the support of EON and CCP would cover the holes I wasn't able to fill personally.

Since the event has been cancelled, I can share with you the secret plans we had in store this time around.  Since the first event was more of a 'race' than a Death Race, this time around we were planning on something a little more deadly.  It wasn't called "Bath of Blood" for nothing.  Racers would have gathered in Ostingele low-sec and raced South through Syndicate.  Upon reaching the first destination, racers would have been instructed to warp to a certain member of the fleet.  This member, one of our Corp pilots, would have been in a safe spot flying a Disco Battleship.  Surrounding him would've been several Flycatchers, who upon entry of the race fleet, would've been dropping bubbles around the BS like mad.  The trap would've been laid and the Bath of Blood would've been on.  At this point I would have revealed the final finish line and racers would have been challenged to make it there in one piece.

Seriously.  I think that would have been a blast.

Oh well.  Apparently I am alone in that.

For those that have asked, this year's event was on a weekday since the last one was on a weekend.  Back then many people complained that they couldn't do it on a weekend, just as this time many people complained they couldn't do it on a weekday.  Same with the TZ choice, last time EU, this time US.  Eve is a global community and I was trying to switch around to give everyone a chance.

I won't be hosting another Death Race.  As CEO of Lucifer's Hammer and Executor of Burn Away, not to mention this blog, my commission work and everything else on my plate, I have enough on my plate.

To all those that supported this event, both before and now, thank you.  And for those that did register to race I apologize, but it wouldn't be fair to any of you to continue.

Sigh.  So, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

PS: All iskies collected from donations and registrations have been returned. I'll work on getting physical assets returned over the next few days, so be patient.  Thanks.